In keeping with their commitment to amateur sport in Canada, Investors Group established an Amateur Athlete Bursary Fund for Canada’s top amateur athletes. 

Working in partnership with Athletes CAN, the Fund awards twenty bursaries of $5,000 to Canadian amateur athletes each year. The bursary selection committee is made up of active and retired national team athletes and officials from Investors Group and Athletes CAN. 


This bursary fund is open to any active senior national team athlete who:

Selection Committee

The selection committee will be comprised of nine members including the Chair of Athletes CAN or a representative of the Athletes CAN board, as well as active and retired National Team athletes.

Athletes must complete a Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund Application form for activities in the 2006 calendar year and submit the original copy by mail to the Athletes CAN office by January 31, 2007. No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.

The following must be included with the completed application form:

  • A one page letter outlining your community involvement
  • A one page personal letter outlining your life goals after your athletic career; your approach to sport; your goals for the future and what the bursary will be used for and its impact.
  • One letter of reference from an organization for which you have been an active volunteer during the past twelve months.

Selection Process

Athletes CAN will receive and administer all applications for the Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund. A short list of applications will be provided to the selection committee, who will determine the final twenty recipients based upon, but not solely limited to, the following criteria. The percentage of value is listed in parentheses after the criteria:

  • Athletic Achievement (40%)
  • Financial Need (40%)
  • Community Involvement (20%)

* Maximum one male and one female from one sport will be selected for the top 20 bursary recipients. This does not preclude more than one athlete of either gender from applying. 

Application Process

  • Is deemed eligible and in good standing by the appropriate National Sport Federation representing the sport. This includes Paralympic, Pan American, Commonwealth, Olympic and National Team athletes.
  • Is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant permanently residing in Canada.
  • Is committed to training and competing for Canada in the upcoming year.
  • Has a gross income, from all sources in the preceding year of less than $50,000. Athletes with an income greater than $50,000 annually, who demonstrate financial need may also be eligible.
  • This bursary is available twice to each athlete during their athletic career.

    To download the application form please click here