On Saturday, October 23, athletes from the Steeltown Boxing Club (Hamilton) and Bluewater Boxing Club (Sarnia) competed in the ACTIVE 2010 Fitness Challenge at the SkyDome.  Both clubs brought some great athletes and represented our sport very well.

Final results are not yet available, and neither club was able to stay until the end of day to watch the podium winners.  However, earlier in the day, Brad Wilcox of Steeltown Boxing Club won GOLD in the boys 6-10 age division!!! Congratulations to Brad on an outstanding performance.  This division has been dominated the first two years by Alpine Ontario and Brad nulified their 2nd consecutive sweep of the category with his victory.  Go Boxing Ontario!

A further congrats to the young athletes from Bluewater Boxing Club who travelled all the way from Sarnia to take part.  Santino and Allesandra Wintringham competed in the male and female 11-12 year categories respectively, and both won several of their events.  Taylor Hennessey dominated the 13-14 year old female division with victories in the 40 yard dash, beep test, and the highest vertical.  It is likely that Taylor medalled and we are just awaiting the results.

Again, thank you to the athletes, coaches, and parents who attended on behalf of Boxing Ontario.  Although our numbers were disappointing our sport was represented with great courage and class.  Let’s get a big crowd out to this event next year – start preparing now for next October!  The tests are outlined in the Members Only Section of the website. 

Also, a big thanks to Egerton Marcus and the staff at EMBA Boxing for coming out on Friday to teach youngsters how to box.  The Boxing Ontario Display was the highlight of the interactive area amongst ALL the sports!

Check out Info Centre – Image Gallery for some photos from the ACTIVE 2010 Challenge.