It’s time for Feature Friday, where we share the stories about the incredible people in the Boxing Ontario community. This week’s feature is Andrew Burgoyne, a boxer from Pembroke Boxing Club!

How did Andrew first get involved in boxing?

Andrew was always involved in combat sports, but when his father retired from the military and opened a boxing gym, he saw an opportunity to bond with his dad. It was a surprise to see how well he took to the sport. The more he trained the better he got, all while spending time with his father. After his first bout, he realized this is all he ever wanted to do.

Who first inspired Andrew to become a boxer?

His father.
His father served in the military as a combat soldier for 20 years before being released medically with PTSD. His father taught unarmed combat to combat soldiers both at home and when preparing to go overseas. He was a fighter, and Andrew wanted to follow in his footsteps and make him proud. He and his father have grown very close during all this and now have a saying between each other: “You and me against the world,” and they both mean it.

Tell us about Andrew’s progression in the sport.

Andrew first fought in the Bronze Gloves tournament. He lost and was devastated, feeling that he deserved the win. After that loss, he trained like a man possessed to ensure it never happened again. In the next year, his obsession won him Bronze Gloves, then Silver Gloves, and then Brampton Cup tournaments. He’s turned into a rare back-foot defensive out-boxer with a sniper’s jab.

What/who motivates Andrew as an athlete?

He’s motivated by a deep desire to go to the Nationals, then to international bouts, and finally to the Olympics in 2024.

What has been Andrew’s biggest challenge as a competitive boxer?

Learning to dedicate himself to the 20-30 hours a week of hard work that being a top boxer requires.

What is Andrew’s biggest achievement in the sport?

His biggest accomplishment is when he was seen as a worthy opponent for an exhibition with the national champion while he was only a novice boxer. Also winning three of the province’s four competitive tournaments all as a novice.

What are Andrew’s goals in the sport?

He wants to go to the Nationals;
Win in international bouts;
And mostly to represent his country at the Olympics.

What else would you like to tell us about Andrew?

He’s a talented, young boxer who teaches kids how to box and loves the greats of the sport who came before: Ali, Willie Pep, Whitaker, and Sugar Ray Leonard. He loves defense and is proud of the fact that no one moves like him.

Photos and video submitted by Pembroke Boxing Club