Women’s Continental Championships

This week Mary Spencer of the Windsor Amateur Boxing Club and Katie Dunn of the Border City Boxing Club compete in the Women’s Continental Championships.  Held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the tournament plays host to the best female boxers in the world and continues through March 30.  They are the only two women participating for Canada.  Manager is Val Ryan and Head Coach Peter Wylie.

Katie boxes a Brazilian opponent Wednesday night and Mary boxes an American opponent on Thursday evening.  The Finals are on Saturday.

Good luck to Mary and Katie as they show their international competition what Ontario boxers are all about!

The Contender Saga Continues

Another great episode of the contender closed, but this time with a different outcome – the East won a bout!  After the returning Peter Manfredo Jr. looked sluggish in training, Miguel Espino of the West team tried to take advantage.  His ploy backfired as Manfredo dug deep and won a close 48-47 point decision to give the East its first victory.  Here’s trainer Tommy Gallagher’s take on the end result:

From Yahoo.com – The Contender
Final Analysis: It’s All About Respect
When the West (along with the East) voted to bring Peter back, I don’t know how they made that decision, but it’s obvious that they weren’t looking for an easy way out. They showed a lot of character, these guys, for bringing a formidable fighter like Peter back. I’m so impressed with these kids, every one of them. They do their best and accept what happens to them.

Yet they have so much at stake: It’s a million dollars, and these guy’s don’t have a freakin’ ham-and-egg sandwich. They’re getting a chance to change their lives in a massive way. When do you get that opportunity? I never got that opportunity.

The thing that I enjoy about this is that they’re not backstabbing each other. This is a straight-forward competition thing. If you do this, you get a chance to get that. You fight hard and you win. If you don’t, you give the other guy a kiss and you go home. They’re taking the challenge seriously and treating each other with respect. That’s why they’re all winners in my book.

Watch next Sunday as the East finally gets a team reward and the next two contenders battle to make the Elite Eight.  Once the Elite 8 is finalized we’ll do a poll on our website to see who you think will be the ultimate winner of The Contender.