Open Call


Boxing Ontario is asking for clubs to host this years CHIN Picnic tournament (8-10 bouts) at Exhibition Place on June 30th or July 1, 2007 (estimated start time 3pm.)

Please submit your interest to the Boxing Ontario office by Wednesday May 2, 2007.

In your bid please include the following:

  1. The club show sanction form – this will include the name of the event (CHIN Picnic), date and location of event (Better Living Building). The sanction form also outlines the host’s responsibilities.
  2. A cheque for the sanction fee – $100. This is refunded if you are not the successful bidder.
  3. Name, location and room rate for host hotel (if any).
  4. Any other information you feel will assist your bid (draft budget, organizing committee, # of volunteers, experience conducting past successful events).

Note: Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

The bids will be reviewed by Boxing Ontario and announced May 3, 2007.

In return for hosting the CHIN Picnic tournament, Boxing Ontario:

– Pays a $2,500 hosting grant.

– Acts as liaison between CHIN and Host Club

Host Club is responsible for all financial requirements and operations of the show. Club provides and finances all officials, doctor, ring, set-up, gloves, matchmaking, timekeeping, bell, medical forms. In addition, Club is also required to attend press party (June 6, 10-2pm) with 3-4 boxers for short demonstration of event to media as well as a one time appearance on Speakers Corner in Toronto between of Jun 4 – 15.