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September 12, 2008

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On September 19, the Hershey Centre will be buzzing with anticipation for the Canada vs. Poland event presented by Panorama Travel & Tours Ltd. The Hershey Centre located in Mississauga is no stranger to high quality amateur boxing events. There will be 11 bouts with five hailing from Ontario,48kg Phil Butler (McGrory’s), Tyler Asseltine (Kingston), 57kg Ryan Rannelli (McGrory’s), 60kg Ibrahim Kamal (Cabbagetown), and 81kg Colin Fish (Motor City). The teams then compete again on September 21st in Quebec.

Team Canada

48kg Phil Butler (ON)
51kg Kenny Lally
54kg Tyler Asseltine (ON)
57kg Ryan Rannelli (ON)
60kg Ibrahim Kamal (ON)
69kg Nathan Kuzulski
75kg Francy Ntetu
75kg Schiller Hyppolite
81kg Colin Fish (ON)
91kg Sylvera Louis
91+kg Didier Bence

CANADA vs. POLAND Friday September 19, 2008

Where: Hershey Centre
            5500 Rose Cherry Place
            Mississauga, ON

Boxing Start Time: 7:30pm

Admission: $20 & Up Contact Ticketmaster for tickets.