Canada Post to Resume Operations Monday


§  Canada Post has initiated the process to resume operations following the passage of back to work legislation (Bill C-6, An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services). In accordance with the Act, employees will begin to report to work for their regularly scheduled shifts on Monday June 27 and Tuesday June 28.


§  Canadian consumers and businesses can expect to start receiving mail on Tuesday, June 28.


§  Post offices that were closed will start to reopen on Tuesday and resume regular operations.


§  All mailboxes will be unsealed starting on Monday and ready to receive mail as soon as possible.


§  We regret the impact of the work disruption on our customers. We will move as quickly as possible to process and deliver the mail.


§  With unprocessed mail in the system and accumulated mail received from other countries that has not yet entered our system, it will take some time to stabilize our operations and to return to our normal delivery standards. Any mail in the system at the time of the work disruption has been secured for processing and delivery.


§  Canada Post will be working with large volume mailers within 24 hours after the passage of legislation to support an orderly and effective induction process. Mail pickup from commercial customers will resume on Tuesday June 28.


§  We thank Canadians for the patience they have shown throughout this labour disruption and are asking for continued patience as we restore our network to normal delivery standards.


§  For updates on our progress, please go to



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