Press Release

April 23, 2007

St. Catharines, Ontario – Boxers gathered this weekend in St.Catharines in the last tournament of the 2006/2007 Champion Series. This year the Ray McGibbon Tournament reached a record number of entries. Over 35 clubs and more than 100 athletes from all over Ontario took part. At the end of the 3-day event, awards were handed out to individuals whom exemplified a great showing.

The Ray McGibbon tournament also featured the 2007 Annual Boxing Ontario Awards over the 3 day event. The awards honored those whom made great contributions to the sport of amateur boxing in Ontario and demonstrated athletic excellence.

The Ray McGibbon Awards:

Best Male Cadet: Kane Heron – HUF

Best Female Cadet: Brittany Borja – Tillers

Best Junior Female: Melinda Watpool- Tillers

Best Junior Male: Mike Roy: Leamington

Best Senior Male: Kwabena Koenya-doe – Sully’s

Best Senior Female: Amber Konikow – Top Glove

Best Male Bout: Brandon Caroll(McGrory’s) vs. Sherhei Serieux (Tillers)

Best Female Bout: Crystal Hughes (Waterloo) vs. Linda Scourtodis (Beaver)

Best Boxer: David Palacios – Whip

Best Team: Tillers Boxing Club


Boxing Ontario Awards Winners


Male Athlete of the Year: Ibrahim Kamal

Female Athlete of the Year: Katie Dunn

Coach of the Year: Joe Sandulo

Official of the Year: Sonny Wong

Volunteer of the Year: Val Ryan

Individual Club Awards

Most Competitive Members: Motor City

Most Non Competitive Members: Valley East

Club Athlete Development: Bigtyme & McGrory’s

Legends Inductees

Builder: Dr. Ken Taylor

Boxer: Johnny Kalbhenn

Official: John Wylie

Coach: Vinnie Ryan



Male Athlete of the Year: Isho Shiba

Female Athlete of the Year: Mandy Bujold

Coach of the Year: Vinnie Ryan

Official of the Year: Ajaz Khan

Volunteer of the Year: Deb Laba

Individual Club Awards

Most Competitive Members: Motor City

Most Non Competitive Members: Waterloo

Club Athlete Development Award: Bigtyme

Legends Inductee

Builder: Joseph Hajnal

Boxer: Margaret Canty

Official: Eileen Bender

Coach: Preston Roberts