We are pleased to be partnering with Barry and the Canadian Emergency Services Boxing Association.  All of the boxers participating in these events will be registered members of Boxing Ontario.  The events will also be officiated by our officials.
This partnership will bring great publicity and support to Boxing Ontario.
You will have some new members in your club who will be training for the events. We will also have our younger boxers participating in matches as part of the events.  Please do what you can to support these intiatives.  We will continue to provide updates by email and through the web site.

Canadian Emergency Services Boxing Association



                                             INTRODUCTION AND UPCOMING EVENTS                     




CESBA is open to police officers, firefighters, paramedics, correction officers, probation and parole officers and members of the Canadian Border Services Agency and their coaches and supporters. We are committed to the promotion of camaraderie and goodwill among our ranks through sanctioned amateur boxing and related events.


CESBA has several exciting events planned and we invite your participation by making the emergency service members in your club aware of our association and the following upcoming events:


Thur May 29th, 2008 –  10:00 a.m. Press conference – GTA –  All Emergency Service workers interested in boxing and their coaches are invited to this conference.  It will be an excellent opportunity to showcase your club and amateur boxing. Please advise CESBA at [email protected] if you will be attending.


Sat.  Aug.  16th, 2008: Salute to our Soldiers – Police vs Firefighters (Paramedics/Corrections) at C.F.B. Petawawa, Ontario in support of the CFB Petawawa Military Family Resource Center. This event occurs two weeks prior to the deployment of our troops to Afghanistan and we will be honouring them with a night of exciting boxing as well as demonstrating our unwavering support for them.


Sat. Sept. 27th, 2008: Punch Up At Parliament – Police vs Police held during the National Police Memorial weekend in Ottawa. The event is in support of the Police Memorial Fund and is hosted by CESBA and the Canadian Police Association.


CESBA will be working closely with Boxing Ontario, coaches and clubs to help promote amateur boxing. 


CESBA strives to ensure an equal number of female and male matches at all of our events we will be showcasing some of our young, up and coming boxing talents.


We all understand the challenges faced by amateur boxing and CESBA is committed to working with all boxing clubs, coaches, trainers, Boxing Ontario and other sanctioning bodies to strengthen and demystify the greatest of all sports…..boxing.


Thank you for your consideration and please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns.


Barry Dolan

President – CESBA

647 242 9269


            For more information we invite you to our website :  WWW.CESBA.CA