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Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program 2014-2015



Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program 2014-2015 (OAAP) is funded by the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS), and operated through the Sport, Recreation & Community Programs Division. The overarching goal of the Quest for Gold – OAAP is directly related to the High Performance Sport goal of the Canadian Sport Policy – that Canadians are systematically achieving world-class results at the highest levels of international competition – by improving the performance and number of Ontario athletes performing at the national and international level, thereby contributing to the improved performance of Canada at international competitions.

Specific objectives of the program are:


  1. To help athletes continue their pursuit of athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition;
  2. To encourage athletes to stay in Ontario to live and train;
  3. To compensate athletes for earnings lost while training;
  4. To enable athletes to successfully pursue excellence in sport while fulfilling their educational goals;
  5. To increase athlete access to improved high performance coaching; and
  6. To enhance training and competitive opportunities available to athletes.


The intent of the OAAP is to provide funding to individual athletes in the sport’s Train to Train and Train to Win categories based on their demonstrated commitment to high performance sport, allowing them to continue to pursue athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition. Ideally an athlete will first receive a Quest for Gold “Ontario Card” for 1 to 3 years, which will allow them to train towards the goal of a national team position in subsequent years. Once an Ontario athlete reaches the national level and becomes a recipient of Sport Canada’s carding program, they become eligible for the Quest for Gold “Canada Card”.


How does it work?

In accordance with the OAAP guidelines, BOXING ONTARIO develops sport-specific selection criteria and forms a Selection Committee that will apply these criteria. The top-ranked athletes, based on the criteria, will be awarded Ontario Card status in 2014-2015. This Selection Criteria has been approved by the Board of Directors and reviewed by MTCS staff. Nominated athletes will be required to sign and comply with an Athlete Agreement between the athlete and BOXING ONTARIO. Carding status will be for one year starting April 1, 2014 ending March 31, 2015.

For 2014-2015, the MTCS has allocated a certain amount of OAAP Ontario Cards to each eligible Provincial Sport / Multi-Sport Organization (PSO/MSO). BOXING ONTARIO has been allotted a total of 15 Ontario cards (split evenly as 10 male and 5 female Cards).

BOXING ONTARIO has also decided to exercise the option made available by MTCS to split up to 30% of its carding allotment (i.e. issue ½ cards in designated categories).

A minimum of 70% of the Ontario Cards will be allocated to what the MTCS defines as junior-aged athletes (11 to 22 years of age). A maximum of 30% of the Ontario Cards may be allocated to athletes no longer eligible for “junior athlete” status, (athletes 23 and over).

As a result, the 15 cards issued to BOXING ONTARIO will be allocated as follows:

Male Female
Full Cards – 13 9 4
Half Cards – 2 full cards = 4 half cards 2 2


Cards will be specifically allocated to the following categories/disciplines:

2015 Categories: Number of cards
Female Youth
(born in 1997‐1998)
2 half Cards
Female Senior
(born in 1996 and earlier)
4 Full Card
Male Junior C
(Born in 1999-2000)
2 Half Cards
Male Youth
(born in 1997‐1998)
4 Full Cards
Male Senior
(born in 1996 and earlier)
5 Full Cards



BOXING ONTARIO is not obligated to assign all Ontario Cards if there are an insufficient number of athletes who have demonstrated potential to be considered for future National Teams.

The Selection Committee, as approved by the BOXING ONTARIO Board of Directors is comprised of the following members:

Deb Laba – Regional Official

Paul De Melo- Official

Erik Espinola- Program coordinator

James Geraghty- High performance Coordinator


How much funding is available?

The exact level of funding for the 2014-2015 carding year will be determined by the MTCS after the total number of athletes nominated for Ontario Card status has been determined. Funding will be released prior to March 31, 2015.


How will the BOXING ONTARIO Selection Committee decide who receives funding?

The BOXING ONTARIO Selection Committee will use the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Eligibility Criteria and the Sport Specific Selection Criteria detailed below to determine which athletes will be nominated for Ontario Card status in 2014-2015:


  1. Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Eligibility Criteria:


All athletes must meet the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s minimum athlete eligibility criteria:

  • Athlete must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (previously known as a Landed Immigrant).
  • Athlete must be a permanent resident of Ontario for one year prior to his/her nomination for carding status, (and continue to be a permanent resident throughout the term of the agreement).
  • Athletes who have achieved Canada Card status (carded by Sport Canada) are not eligible for Ontario Cards.
  • Athletes must be living in and continuing to train in Ontario.


Residency Exceptions:


Exceptions to these criteria, known as a “Residency Exception” will be considered on a case specific basis by the BOXING ONTARIO Selection Committee provided that the athlete can substantiate in writing that:

(a)  He/She cannot receive the required level of training in Ontario and is out of the province temporarily during the year (i.e. due to lack of facilities, coaching, competitions);

(b)  He/She must attend a post-secondary institution out-of-province either because the course of study is not offered by an Ontario institution; or

(c)  It is more financially feasible to attend a post-secondary institution out-of-province, or other extenuating circumstances that require the athlete to be out of the province.

The onus is on the athlete to demonstrate that he/she needs to be out-of-province for one of the above reasons. The athlete must submit written documentation to the BOXING ONTARIO by no later than December 5 2014, clearly indicating how they meet a residency exception(s).

Athlete’s applying for a Residency Exception related to exception (a) above, who are training at an NSO-approved National Training Centre MUST include a letter from the NSO outlining their support for the athlete, the progress the athlete is making and the athlete’s potential to make the national team level.   Additional documentation may include, but shall not be limited to an explanation of why the athlete is training out of province, whether or not the athlete was formally invited by the NSO, what additional opportunities are being made available beyond those provided in Ontario; and any other information that will illustrate that the athlete is receiving enhanced training while still meeting all obligations of the BOXING ONTARIO.


Length of time living outside Ontario:

Athletes living outside Ontario for more than 30 consecutive days within the ministry fiscal year 2014-2015 for athletic or academic purposes must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the PSO/MSO Selection Committee that appropriate training programs are in place and are being monitored by the PSO/MSO. The onus is on the athlete to:

  1. Provide a written plan outlining their training and competition plans to the PSO/MSO prior to their departure from Ontario, as part of their Residency Exception request December 5 2014 and
  2. Adhere to the PSO/MSO-approved competition and training plan throughout the carding cycle. At a minimum, this requires regular Monthly contact by the athlete with the PSO/MSO Matt Kennedy – Executive Director; and
  3. Submit regular Monthly training logs to the PSO/MSO to track progress against the PSO/MSO-approved competition and training plan.

***Athletes who were formally invited to and are currently participating in their NSO’s national team training program are exempt from this requirement.***


Ministry criteria continued:


  • Athlete must be a member in good standing with PSO/MSO and NSO where applicable;
  • Athlete must have entered into a Sports Organization – Athlete Agreement with his or her PSO/MSO and must be in full compliance with the terms and conditions of that agreement;
  • Athlete must have met all terms and conditions of any previous Quest for Gold Sports Organization – Athlete Agreements to the satisfaction of the PSO/MSO in order to be eligible for consideration in 2014-2015;
  • Athlete must demonstrate a commitment and dedication to a proper training and competitive program, the goal of which is to continue to train towards a national team position and Sport Canada carding;
  • Athlete’s coach should be minimum Level 2 NCCP certified or trained status Competition Stream or the sport’s equivalent in the Instruction Stream, or be engaged in completing this training, as determined by the PSO;
  • Athlete must not be under a sanction that prohibits competition as per the Canadian Anti-Doping Policy;
  • Athlete must be attending an educational institution full-time (i.e. elementary and secondary schools):
  • Exceptions will be made provided that the athlete can substantiate that his/her training will not allow for full-time attendance or if an athlete requires special needs that preclude full or part-time attendance (e.g. Athlete with a disability (AWAD) athlete);
  • Athletes who have completed their area of study at the secondary level (i.e. high school) and who continue to train towards participation in major national or international competitions will also be considered;
  • If eligible, the athlete must compete, and continue to compete solely for Ontario and/or Canada for one year from the date of the Minister’s letter informing the athlete of acceptance into OAAP program, at Canada Games and other national competitions involving provincial team competitions;
  • Athlete must not receive financial support from any other provincial/territorial athlete assistance program. This does not include academic scholarships, bursaries, student grants, student loans, social assistance, disability pensions, and other forms of financial assistance that have nothing to do with competitive sport.
  • Eligibility will be limited to Ontario junior-aged athletes, ages 11-22 (“junior-aged” refers to chronological age, not a sport’s specific age category – only exception is for PSO/MSOs using 30% of Ontario Card allotment for athletes older than 22 years of age who have been identified as a potential next generation national team athlete by the PSO/MSO’s selection process.


Residency Exemption for Military Families: The one-year Ontario residency requirement is waived for any Ontario Card or Canada Card applicant who is a spouse or dependant of a: Regular Force member of the Canadian Forces; or Reservist currently deployed by the Canadian Forces into active service and who takes up residence in Ontario during the fiscal year.   This means that eligible military family members now qualify for OAAP funding immediately upon becoming residents of Ontario. Please contact BOXING ONTARIO for more information if you are applying for this exemption.

  • To be deemed a potential next generation national team athlete, the athlete must be age-eligible to compete on the national team in the year following receipt of Ontario Card funding.
  • All athletes under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign their OAAP application form. Cheques will be processed in the name of the eligible athlete.
  • An athlete can only be nominated to receive Quest for Gold funding in one sport.

Athletes funded through the Sport Canada AAP:

Ontario athletes who have been nominated and accepted for funding through Sport Canada’s AAP within the government of Ontario’s fiscal year (April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015) and who continue to meet AAP and OAAP eligibility requirements will automatically be considered for a Quest for Gold ‘Canada Card’. MTCS will contact those athletes directly at the mailing and email addresses the athlete provided to Sport Canada. Athletes are solely responsible for ensuring that their contact information is kept accurate and up to date at all times.

An athlete who received Sport Canada AAP carding during any part of MTCS’ fiscal year April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 and/or any part of fiscal year April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 and is no longer in receipt of Sport Canada Athlete Assistance shall not be eligible to receive Quest for Gold funding during fiscal year 2014-2015 (April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015.)

The intent of this rule is to prevent athletes whose performance levels and rankings no longer qualify them for Sport Canada carding from taking an Ontario Card from a future national-level athlete.


Canada Card Exception (CCE)

Exceptions may apply to this rule (known as a Canada Card Exception (CCE)) and will be considered by the Ministry on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions may include, but may not be limited to logistical or administrative changes (e.g. reduction in Sport Canada carding allocation), injuries, etc.


It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to contact BOXING ONTARIO Selection Committee prior to Decmeber 5 2014 to request a CCE. The athlete must submit, in writing, an explanation of why they have not been, or do not expect to be re-carded by their NSO. The submission must include a statement from the NSO confirming that the athlete still has potential to return to the NSO’s carding program in the future.


BOXING ONTARIO will then contact MTCS in writing prior to the submission of the Athlete Nomination Form to seek individual Canada Card Exceptions. BOXING ONTARIO is not responsible for seeking a CCE for any athlete unless requested to do so by the athlete as detailed above.


National College Athletic Association (NCAA):

Effective August 1, 2013, the NCAA has revised their policies related to an athlete receiving funding from a government program (new language is bolded):

By-law Exception for Training Expenses: An individual (prospective or enrolled student-athlete) may receive actual and necessary expenses [including grants, but not prize money, whereby the recipient has qualified for the grant based on his or her performance in a specific event(s)] to cover developmental training, coaching, facility usage, equipment, apparel, supplies, comprehensive health insurance, travel, room and board without jeopardizing the individual’s eligibility for intercollegiate athletics, provided such expenses are approved and provided directly by the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC), the appropriate national governing body in the sport (or, for international student-athletes, the equivalent organization of that nation) or a governmental entity.

The effective date for this piece of legislation as it relates to prospective student-athletes who have not started college will apply differently than it will for current student-athletes:


Current student-athletes: The effective date for current student-athletes is August 1, 2013, meaning they cannot accept funds from a governmental entity until after August 1, 2013.


Prospective student-athletes: Individuals enrolling full time at a collegiate institution on or after August 1, 2013 are currently being certified under the new rule.  In other words, a prospective student-athlete who has accepted these funds from a governmental entity or who will accept these funds prior to the August 1 date from a governmental entity will get the benefit of the new rule (e.g. will not be required to return the funds).

Any athlete considering an application to an NCAA institution is strongly encouraged to contact the NCAA Eligibility Center if they have any additional questions.

The onus is entirely on the athlete to determine the impact of accepting OAAP funding on current or future NCAA eligibility and to decide whether or not to accept OAAP funding. The athlete will be required to acknowledge this onus and responsibility when signing the OAAP Ontario Card application form and agreeing to the related terms and conditions of the program. Athletes are strongly encouraged to contact the NCAA Eligibility Center to determine the impact of Quest for Gold – OAAP funding on current or future eligibility for a NCAA scholarship or on eligibility to compete in a non-scholarship NCAA sport.

National Collegiate Athletic Association    


NCAA Eligibility Center mailing address:

NCAA Eligibility Center   P.O. Box 7136, Indianapolis, IN 46207

Toll-free phone number (U.S. callers) – Customer service line – 877-262-1492

Phone number (international callers) – Customer service line – 317-223-0700

Fax number – 317-968-5100


  1. BOXING ONTARIO Athlete Selection Criteria:


The following sport specific athlete selection criteria will be utilized in the identification, ranking and selection of athletes for Ontario Cards:

The Balanced Scorecard, thorough a weighted point system will measure the following:


  1. The last three years participation and winning performance at various venues. This section’s score will be weighted at 30% of the overall score, which is made up by weighted points earned in the various venues within that section as follows:
    1. Club Shows: 10%
    2. Regional Tournaments1: 10%
    3. Provincial Tournaments2: 25%
    4. National Tournaments3: 25%
    5. International Tournaments4: 30%


  1. The last twelve months performance at various venues. This section’s score will be weighted at 70% of the overall score, which is made up by weighted points earned in the various venues within that section as follows:
    1. Ontario Winter Games: 5%
    2. Brampton Cup: 5%
    3. Silver Gloves: 10%
    4. Bronze Gloves: 10%
    5. Provincials: 20%
    6. Golden Gloves: 10%
    7. Nationals: 20%
    8. International Competitions4: 20%


  1. Sports community involvement, such as coaching and refereeing, and in future will include volunteerism, etc. In order to give all boxers an opportunity to meet these criteria, this section’s score will be weighted at 0% of the overall score this year. In following years it will be weighted up to 10% of the overall score, in various sections to be determined, but to include
    1. Coaching: 30%
    2. Officiating: 30%
    3. Volunteerism: 20%
    4. Other: TBD

The Selection Committee has reserved a Strategic Score section for its own use. The Committee can adjust the score in increments of 0.5 by a maximum of only -1 to +1. This is to be used very sparingly and is intended to adjust for fairness in various circumstances.


All boxers who apply for Quest for Gold carding will be required to submit a full copy of their bout history, from their current and/or past passbooks together with a completed Schedule I.


The committee will select the highest scoring boxers from Male/Female and Junior C/Youth/Senior categories in accordance with Ministry rules, and as they determine to be in the best interest of the sport.



  1. Regional Tournaments Include 1) Brampton Cup, 2) Arnie Boehm, 3) Ringside
  2. Provincial Tournaments include 1) Bronze Gloves, 2) Silver Gloves, 3) Ontario Winter Games
  3. National Tournaments include 1) National Championship Events, 2) Golden Gloves, 3) FTS
  4. International Tournaments Include AIBA sponsored or sanctioned events only, such as 1) Dual Matches, 2) Commonwealth, 3) Any other International Competition

For the Criteria Explanation, and tables (Blank Input Sheet, and the scorecard weighting process) Click Here


Alternates: BOXING ONTARIO will also nominate alternates to those athletes nominated for Ontario Card status. Alternates will be those athletes who are ranked directly behind those athletes nominated for the allotment of Ontario Cards in a particular category/discipline. The names of alternates will be published along with the names of nominated athletes. If an athlete drops out or is removed from the OAAP an alternate will be substituted into that athlete’s position, provided that:

  • Alternate is substituted within 2014-2015 fiscal year;
  • An alternate is available from the same category/discipline/card level (Full/Half);
  • Funding for athlete being substituted is still available within fiscal year (e.g. full funding for card has not already been paid out to athlete no longer in program).


To Apply:

Boxing Ontario will automatically rank all eligible athletes, with a draft list of nominations published or made known by no later than January 14, 2015.

All required information (residency exemption letters, Canada Card Exception requests must be submitted no later than December 5, 2014 to:

Name: Matt Kennedy

Address: 3 Concorde Gate

Phone: 416-426-7221

Email: [email protected]


It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to provide full and complete information for Residency or Canada Card Exception requests that meets all stated requirements. Boxing Ontario will neither review submissions in advance of the deadline in order to make applicants aware of any missing/incorrect information and/or attachments nor make corrections on behalf of the athlete. Any revisions on the part of the athlete will only be accepted prior to the posted submission deadline.

The Sports Organization – Athlete Agreement will only come into effect if an athlete is selected and accepts carding status through the OAAP program. Athletes who fail to return a signed Athlete Agreement by the deadline date will not be carded.

BOXING ONTARIO will publish or make known a draft list of athletes nominated for Ontario Card status by no later than January 14, 2015.

In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the MTCS eligibility requirements detailed in the MTCS binder provided to PSO/MSOs and duplicated in the Athlete Handbook provided to each nominated athlete and the eligibility requirements listed in the PSO/MSO Athlete Selection Criteria Document prepared by the PSO/MSO, the MTCS Binder/Athlete Handbook shall prevail.


Athletes who have not been nominated for an Ontario Card by the BOXING ONTARIO Selection Committee or who have been nominated for a ‘Half Card’ versus a ‘Full Card’, where applicable will be allowed to appeal that decision by filing a “Notice of Appeal” with MTCS. Appeals will be heard by an Appeals Committee comprised of representatives from the sport community, selected by the MTCS.

Grounds for appeals will be limited strictly to issues related to:

A) Whether or not the Selection Committee has completed the selection process in accordance with its

own published selection criteria and related procedures;

B) Whether or not the Selection Committee applied the selection criteria in a manner that was free from

bias, discrimination and/or conflict of interest.


Issues related to the specific content or selection requirements contained in the BOXING ONTARIO Selection Criteria are not grounds for an appeal and should therefore be discussed directly with the leadership of BOXING ONTARIO.

Please note that before an athlete can file a Notice of Appeal, he or she must first ask BOXING ONTARIO for reasons explaining why he or she was not nominated for an Ontario Card.

If the athlete is not satisfied with the BOXING ONTARIO response, the athlete may submit a Notice of Appeal, found below. A Notice of Appeal will only be accepted from the athlete or their parent/guardian on the MTCS-provided template (typed or hand-printed, no hand-written entries) through email, regular post, registered mail, courier or delivered in person. One appeal cannot be written on behalf of multiple athletes. The Notice of Appeal must be received by MTCS by 4 p.m. on the deadline day. Appeals that are delivered personally or by courier shall be deemed to be received on the date of delivery.


Once MTCS has received the Notice of Appeal, it will share it with BOXING ONTARIO, who will then submit a “Response” with MTCS by a specified deadline. The Response will outline why BOXING ONTARIO believes that the Selection Committee’s decision not to nominate the athlete should be upheld by the Appeals Committee. MTCS will share the BOXING ONTARIO Response with the athlete.


If, after receiving the BOXING ONTARIO Response, the athlete believes that BOXING ONTARIO has raised new or additional reasons to justify the Selection Committee’s decision not to nominate the athlete for an Ontario Card, then the athlete will have an opportunity to file a “Reply” with MTCS, responding to these additional reasons. The Reply must be limited to these additional reasons and cannot be used to make submissions already raised in the Notice of Appeal, or that the athlete neglected to include in the Notice of Appeal. The Reply will only be accepted on the MTCS-provided template.


Once MTCS receives the Notice of Appeal, the Response, and the Reply (if applicable), it will provide those materials to the Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee will discuss all appeals at once.   During its review of the appeals, the Appeals Committee reserves the right to request additional information from both the athlete and BOXING ONTARIO.

After reviewing an appeal the Appeals Committee will have the authority to:


  1. Direct BOXING ONTARIO to redo the selection process using the correct criteria/process and submit a new list of nominated athletes;
  2. Deny the appeal; or
  3. Allow the appeal and nominate the appellant for carding status.


Once the Appeals Committee has reached its decision, it will contact the athlete and BOXING ONTARIO in writing to communicate its decision and the reasons therefore.

An athlete who has had his or her appeal denied is not permitted to submit a second appeal to the Appeals Committee on the same or different grounds.

Note: BOXING ONTARIO is encouraged to resolve disputes or disagreements informally with athletes who have not been nominated to avoid, wherever possible, formal appeals.

The deadline for athletes to submit an “Athlete’s Notice of Appeal” to the Appeals Committee is

Cycle Two: January 26, 2015


Appeals must be completed on the Notice of Appeal template below and will be directed to:


Quest for Gold Appeals Committee

c/o Sport, Recreation and Community Programs Division

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Suite 2302, 777 Bay Street

Toronto, Ontario M7A 1S5