2012 Canadian Championships Results & Medalists

Ontario does damage in Nova Scotia. Congratulations to each and every athlete who participated in the Championships. Accolades extend to the athletes who medaled at these games. They are:

48kg  Kassandra O’Reilly – Steeltown Boxing Club    Bronze
51kg  Mandy Bujold – Waterloo Regional    Gold
        Amanda Galle – All Canadian    Silver
69kg  Bonnie Cook – Fight Scholar    Bronze
75kg  Mary Spencer – Windsor    Gold
        Melinda Watpool – Dewith    Bronze
        Lara Thacker – Cabbagetown    Bronze

49kg  Noram Lachance – Fighting Island   Bronze
52kg  John Charlton – East Windsor  Bronze
56kg  Rodolpho Velasquez – McGrory’s    Gold
         Jermaine Badchkam – Steeltown    Bronze
60kg  Josh O’Reilly – Steeltown    Silver
64kg  Lexton Bates – Kombat    Silver
69kg  Kingsley Alexander – Firepower    Bronze
75kg  Josh Cameron – Border City    Silver
91kg  Samir El Mais – Border City    Gold
        Abokan Bokpe – Dewith    Bronze
91+kg  Dawson Gibson – Atlas    Silver

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Tuesday January 10, 2012

60kg  Josh O’Reilly (Steeltown) win over Brad Katona (MB) 14-9
        Mark Smither (Uptown) loss to Jag Seehra (BC) 7-20

64kg  Josh Wagner (Bigtyme) win over Alonzo Johnson (NS) 16-7
        Lexton Bates (Kombat) win over David Funk (BC)  17-2

69kg   Henry Lopez (Final Round) win over Taylor Page (Final Round)  19-11
         Kingsley Alexander (Firepower) win over Tanner Wilson (AB) 14-9
         Larone Whyte (HUF) win over Terrell Pelletier (MB)  12-5

91kg   Paul Rasmussen (TNT) win over Patrick Thibeault (SK) RSC2
Wednesday January 11, 2012 – Afternoon

52kg   John Charlton (East Windsor) loss to Kenny Lally (BC) 6-20

56kg   Justin Hocko (East Windsor) loss to David Gauthier (QC) 69-83CB
         Jermaine Badchkam (Steeltown) win over Eric Taylor (AB) 78-70CB

91kg   Dawson Gibson (Atlas) win over Pierre Ouellette (QC) 5-0*

51kg   Amanda Galle (All Canadian) win over Rosalia Calla (BC) RSC2

64kg   Alison Hunter (Border City) loss to Rebecca Harrison (NB) 15-21

75kg   Mary Spencer (Windsor) win over Melinda Watpool (Dewith) 20-7
         Lara Thacker (Cabbagetown) loss to Ariane Fortin (QC) RET

*Computer malfunction thus points based on judges decisions.

Wednesday January 11, 2012 – Evening

64kg   Josh Wagner (Bigtyme) loss to Yves Ulysse (QC) 17-25
         Lexton Bates (Kombat) win over Jesse Wilcox (Steeltown) 40-37CB

69kg   Henry Lopez (Final Round) loss to Custio Clayton (NS) 8-22
         Kingsley Alexander (Firepower) win over Ashton Lytwinuk (AB) RSCH3
         Larone Whyte (HUF) loss to Mian Hussain (QC) 5-11

57kg   Erica Adjei (Beaver) loss to Sabrina Aubin (QC) 6-24

69kg   Courtney Doupe (Kingston) loss to Myriam da Silva (QC) RSCH3

Thursday January 12, 2012 – Afternoon Session

56kg   Jermaine Badchkam (Steeltown) win over Rodolpho Velasquez (McGrory’s) 12-12 CB

75kg   Fady Mahfouz (Beaver) loss to Josh Cameron (Border City) 19-9

81kg   Fabricio Portillo (TNT) loss to Clovis Drolet (QC) 20-11
         Dana Hasan (McGrory’s) loss to Thomas Spiers (BC) 15-14

91kg   Samir El Mais (Border City) win over Paul Rasmussen (TNT) 16-11
         Abokan Bokpe (Dewith) win over Haidar Mansour (Rough) DSQ3
Thursday Jan 12, 2012 – Evening Session

49kg   Noram Lachance (Fighting Island) loss to Jonathan Quinit (MB) 11-21

60kg   Josh O’Reilly (Steeltown) win over Jag Seehra (BC) 21-15

64kg   Lexton Bates (Kombat) win over Ayaz Hussain (QC) 10-8

69kg  Kingsley Alexander (Firepower) loss to Mian Hussain (QC) RSC3

48kg   Kassandra O’Reilly (Steeltown) loss to Nathalie Goulet (QC) 9-18

51kg   Mandy Bujold (Waterloo) win over Andree Beauchesne (QC) RSC2
         Amanda Galle (All Canadian) win over Melody Dube (QC) RSC2
Friday January 13, 2012 – Afternoon Session

75kg   Josh Cameron (Border City) win over Vincent Thibault (QC) 18-16

91kg   Samir El Mais (Border City) win over Abokan Bokpe (Dewith) 17-6

69kg   Bonnie Cook (Fight Scholar) loss to Amber Groome (AB) 8-18
Friday January 13, 2012 – Evening Session

56kg  Rodolpho Velasquez (McGrory’s) win over David Gauthier (QC) 10-9

60kg  Josh O’Reilly (Steeltown) loss to Alex Rynn (AB) 5-12

75kg  Mary Spencer (Windsor) win over Ariane Fortin (QC) 18-12
Saturday January 14, 2012 – Afternoon Session

75kg  Josh Cameron (Border City) loss to Brody Blair (NS) 9-15

91kg  Samir El Mais (Border City) win over Steven Harvey RSC 3

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