2010 National Elite Championships

Ontario’s 55 athletes in Quebec are setting the bar high – really high. Yesterday’s opening debut of the 2010 Elite National Champions got under way with some amazing bouts.

Wednesday January 27, 2010 Afternoon Schedule

64kg Ryan Wagner vs. Bradford Norman (AB)
           Kane Heron vs. Jean-Phillipe Cyr (QC)
           Jesse Wilcox vs. Stefan Melideo (BC)

75kg Steve Rolls vs. Mohammed Nassar (AB)
           Jordan Letestu vs. Schiller Hyppolite (QC)
           Ryan Baulk vs. Blair Brody (NS)

91kg Shavar Henry vs. Tyler Kewayosh (AB)
           Samir El Mais vs. Bokpe Abokan (QC)

48kgW  Leah Evans (ON) vs. Kassandra O’Reilly (ON)

Wednesday January 27, 2010 Evening Schedule.

60kg Cory McTavish vs. Alex Rynn (AB)
           Steve Wilcox vs. Ayaz Hussain (QC)
           Isho Shiba vs. Michael Gadbois (QC)

69kg Stuart Boyd vs. Hussain Mian (QC)
           Josh Cameron vs. Kelly Page (MB)

81kg  Jehvani Dixon (ON) vs. Colin Fish (ON)
            Steve Franjic vs Paul McKenzie (AB)

60kgW  Debbie Richards vs Marie-Eve Bali (QC)
                 Alison Hunter vs. Stephanie Walker (NS)

For the full day’s schedule click here
Tuesday January 26, 2010 Results:

Elite Men’s

57kg :Tyler Asseltine of Ontario WON vs. Ryan Ranelli of Ontario

69kg:Kevin Higson LOST vs. Paul Bzdel of Saskachewan

69kg:Aurey Cox LOST vs Samuel Jodoin of Quebec

69kg:Josh Cameron WON vs. Sebastien Bouchard of Quebec

81kg:Colin Fish WON vs. Andrew Gardiner of Manitoba

91+kg:Dillon Carmen WON vs. Samir Barakat of Ontario


Elite Women

46w kg:Mckenzie Wright WON vs. Nancy Fortin of Quebec

64w kg:Jen Plyler-Danch WON vs. Crystal Brown of Manitoba

69w kg: Krishen Lysenko LOST vs. Myriam Da Silva of quebec

69w kg: Lita Mae Button LOST vs. Kandi Wyatt of Alberta

Tuesday Jan. 26, 2010 – 5pm
# Red Corner Class Blue Corner Results
1 Ryan Rannelli – Ontario 57 kg Tyler Asselstine – Ontario Blue Ret2
2 Jon Agar – British Columbia 69kg Mian Hussain – Quebec Blue 30-10
3 Paul Bzdel – Saskatchewan 69kg Kevin Higson – Ontario Red 20-7
4 Brandt Butt – Manitoba 69kg Jonathan Andre – Alberta Red 16-6
5 Josh Fraser – Alberta 69kg Custio Clayton – Nova Scotia Blue RSC2
6 Aurey Cox – Ontario 69kg Samuel Jodoin – Quebec Blue 19-7
7 Sebastien Bouchard – Quebec 69kg Josh Cameron – Ontario Blue 19-6
8 Kelly Page – Manitoba 69kg Michael Campbell – Nova Scotia Red 27-8
9 Andrew Gardiner – Manitoba 81kg Colin Fish – Ontario Blue 14-7
10 Jonathan Savard – Quebec 81kg Adam Black – New Brunswick Red 16-9
11 Terry Geffrard – Quebec 81kg Danny Perez – Quebec Blue 12-0
12 Paul Mackenzie – Alberta 81kg Craig Hillier – Nova Scotia Red RSCI-2
13 Steve Franjic – Ontario 81kg Andre-Robert Marsan – Quebec Red 18-4
14 Dillman Carmen – Ontario 91+kg Samir Barakat – Ontario Red RSC2
15 Mackenzie Wright 46kg F. Nancy Fortin – Quebec Red 26-5
16 Myriam Fortier – Quebec 46kg F. Katie Saul – Manitoba Red 16-6
17 Amelie Cloutier – Quebec 57kg F. Nicole Prefontaine – Alberta Blue 23-7
18 Crystal Brown – Manitoba 64kg F. Jen Plyer-Danch – Ontario Blue 5-3
19 Shannah Nachoff – British Columbia 64kg F. Susan Haas – Alberta Blue 22-2
20 Laura-Lou Fortin – Quebec 64kg F. Sara Kali – Quebec Blue 19-12
21 Myriam Da Silva 69kg F. Krishen Lysenko – Ontario Red 13-3
22 Lita Mae Button – Ontario 69kg F. Kandi Wyatt – Alberta Blue 29-18
23 Nancy Laroche – Quebec 81kg F. Maude Bergeron – Quebec   Blue 6-3

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