To Our Boxing Ontario Family,

As many of you know, Vince Mac Donald suffered a severe and life-altering injury days before the Brampton Cup. Vince put his own health aside to support our organization, and to ensure that the Brampton Cup was a success. On February 5th, the final day of the tournament, Vince was transported to the hospital. He had surgery on both of his legs that evening and has yet to return home.

Vince is currently being cared for in a rehabilitation facility, and he faces an extensive road to recovery. He requires special transportation for medical appointments, and these fees are not covered. His “return home” date is yet to be determined.

At the request of the membership, a GoFundMe page was created, and private donations were accepted, in an effort to support Vince and to let him know that his boxing family has his back. The generosity of our membership has been outstanding, and on March 27th, Erik Olsen and Jenn Ogg presented Vince with the donations received to date.

Dear Boxing Family,

I have seldom been lost for words but struggle to find the ones to express how greatly I appreciate your kind gesture and overwhelming generosity. Our relationships have always made all the difference, and thank you for reminding me why I am so lucky.

The financial gesture is overwhelming and too generous. I confess that I struggle to accept, but whatever I do, will help me recover ASAP to be able to enjoy some good times with you all.

The support of so many caring people as friends means more than I can say. I am truly touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

My Love and Gratitude,


Lead photo by Virgil Barrow