Talent ID Camps

Boxing Canada to Host Evaluation Training Camps

Boxing Canada has informed us of their intent to host three evaluation training camps this Fall. The purpose of these camps is to identify Canadian boxers who have the potential to be developed and provide them with an opportunity to participate in an International Training Camp later this year or early 2022.

Due to Covid protocols, Boxing Canada has reduced the number of athletes who can qualify per province. Ontario will now send 4 boxers per category. To give the athletes and Provinces more time to prepare the Boxing Canada Female Elite Camp is being moved to Nov 14th – 24th. The dates for the men’s elite camp and Junior/Youth camps will remain the same.

Ontario will be moving their two Elite assessment camps to Saturday, September 18th giving boxers an additional week to get registered and complete the RBC tests.  The Youth/Junior Camp will proceed with the September 11th  date and that camp will now include the RBC testing as part of its program schedule.

Registration Deadlines for Ontario Talent ID Camps:

Youth/Junior: September 8

Elite Male and Female: September 15

*We are only accepting Open boxers for the Elite categories.

Dates for Ontario Talent ID camps

September 11th – Youth/Junior camp will be held at Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy

September 18th – Male Elite Camp will be held at Kombat Arts

September 18th  – Female Elite Camp will be held at Kombat Arts

Dates for Boxing Canada camps

Elite Male: October 17-27th

Youth/Junior: October 31st – November 10th

Elite Female: November 14-24th

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What to Bring to Ontario Talent ID Camps

More about the testing

Boxers will be evaluated using Boxing Canada’s Winning Style of Play (WSP) and Gold Medal Profile (GMP).  The components of the WSP and GMP are being turned into a scoring rubric.  Details of the scoring criteria can be found below:

  • The RBC Training Ground testing protocols will serve as our tool to measure a boxer’s basic fitness level. The tests were chosen because they offer us a fair and transparent way to assess conditioning. Elite boxers must complete the RBC tests in their home gym and submit the results to Boxing Ontario by September 17th.
  • For the Youth and Junior boxers the tests will be conducted at their camp.
  • Technical evaluations will be conducted in-person at the camps. The testing will require boxers to complete a series of boxing related skills. Footwork, stance, quickness and a boxer’s ability to listen and perform specific actions are being assessed in this section.
  • For the sparring component boxers will be paired with another boxer. Note: every accommodation will be made to match boxers with a suitable sparring partner and that may include bringing in a partner from outside the camp. Boxers will be given three rounds to demonstrate their skills in the ring. The first round will be an open format round and for the second and third rounds boxers will be asked to incorporate specific tactics. Boxers are being evaluated on their demonstration of skills as well as their ability to follow specific coaching instructions.
  • Personal data points will also be considered. A boxer’s age, weight, height and a review of their record from Jan 2018 until now will be considered.



TEST 1 – Running Sprint

TEST 2 – Vertical Jump

TEST 3 – Beep test

Audio for Beep test


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