Here are the 2005-2006 Provincial Champions that will represent Ontario at the National Amateur Boxing Championships in January:


48kg – Ali Mullins, Big Tyme Boxing Club (Orangeville)
50kg – Mandy Bujold, Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy
52kg – Jackie Lachapelle, TAZ Boxing (Burlington)
54kg – Melissa Shields, Steeltown Boxing Club (Hamilton)
57kg – Vanessa Francis, Tillers Boxing Club (Whitby)

48kg – Jacqueline Park, Cabbagetown Boxing Club (Toronto)
50kg – Leah Evans, Big Tyme Boxing Club (Orangeville)
52kg – Bernice Booth, St. Catharines Amateur Boxing Club
54kg – Rosi Thomas, Gale Kerwin Boxing (Ottawa)
57kg – Lindsay Garbatt, Motor City Boxing Club (Oshawa)
60kg – Linda Ludwig, Steeltown Boxing Club (Hamilton)
63kg – Isabelle Perreault, Ottawa Beaver Boxing Club
66kg – Amanda Beaulieu, Tillers Boxing Club (Whitby)
70kg – Marianne Millar, Regency Boxing Club (Hamilton)
75kg – Lita Mae Button, BEL Boxing (Bridgenorth)


48kg – Jermaine Badchkam, McGrory’s Boxing Club (Hamilton)
51kg – Anthony Belanger, Champion Boxing Club (Brampton)
54kg – Padraic Griffin, Big Tyme Boxing Club (Orangeville)
57kg – Tony Luis, Champs Eastside Boxing (Cornwall)
60kg – Showkat Ali, Cabbagetown Boxing Club (Toronto)
64kg – Logan Cotton, Big Tyme Boxing Club (Orangeville)
69kg – Jerome Gabriel, Motor City Boxing Club (Oshawa)
75kg – Justin Bonhomme, Ontario National Training Centre (Sudbury)
81kg – Steve Franjic, Big Tyme Boxing Club (Orangeville)
91kg – Marlon Barrington, Liverpool Boxing Club (Pickering)
91+kg – Frankie Rill,  Motor City Boxing Club (Oshawa)

48kg – Philip Butler – McGrory’s Boxing Club (Hamilton)
51kg – Ryan Ranelli – McGrory’s Boxing Club (Hamilton)
54kg – Isho Shiba – McGrory’s Boxing Club (Hamilton)
57kg – Jesse Ennis – Windsor Amateur Boxing Club
60kg – Richard Chau – London Boxing Club
64kg – TBD by BOX-OFF – Jonathon Bochner (Atlas – Toronto) vs. Stuart Boyd (McGrory’s)
69kg – Andre Gorges – Border City Boxing Club (Windsor)
75kg – Richard Reittie – Sully’s Gym (Toronto)
81kg – Glenn Hunter – St. Catharines Amateur Boxing Club
91kg – Justin White – McGrory’s Boxing Club (Hamilton)
91+kg – Colin Sangster – Border City Boxing Club

The National Senior Championships will be held in St. Catharines, Ontario from January 5 – 8, 2006.  The National Junior Championships will be hosted in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec from January 26 – 29, 2006.  For more information visit our web site

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