November 30, 2009

Good morning to all Coaches, Boxers, Clubs and Officials,


It has come to my attention that some athletes and coaches think that a round MUST be according to the CABA/AIBA rules for Competition.

The rules have changed to state that the new length of rounds for Male Elite Open boxers is 3 xs 3 minutes

The new change for Female Elite Open boxers is 4 xs 2 minutes.

These rules are for tournament bouts and DO NOT need to be followed at a Club Show.

Rule 14.3 in the CABA rulebook states:

“In all cases other than at Provincial or National championships, boxers may box less than the allotted time of rounds for their class, but never more”

Rule 10.3 in the CABA rulebook states:

“Competitors, their coaches/seconds, the Official-in-charge of the event and the attending physician must ALL agree to approve the bout.”

I hope this clears up any questions you may have regarding the email you may have received last week.

Sonny Wong

Chief Official,

Boxing Ontario