What started out as an opportunity to build upper body strength has turned into a lifetime passion for boxing. Kathy Ure has been involved in boxing since 1997 both in and out of the ring.  Participating in 40 fights and winning a national gold medal in 2003, Kathy has competed in various high performance competitions in France and Italy and continues to coach in the sport of boxing making her the perfect candidate for the CAO November “Ontario’s Coach of the Month.”

Kathy’s extensive knowledge of boxing and experience as a high performance athlete has set the foundation for her to accumulate a solid portfolio of coaching experience. She has trained many athletes who have gone on to represent Canada in  a number of international competitions, including a position as Manager for the Ontario Junior team for the Canadian Nationals and Team Canada Coach for an international competition  in  Italy.  As a certified Level 3 Learning Facilitator, Kathy has coordinated NCCP certification workshops and is an active board member on both Boxing Ontario and Boxing Canada as an executive for female equity program.

Kathy’s contribution and enthusiasm to sport is evident through her participation as a coach in a number of sports, including boxing and the triathlon. “My passion is getting athletes in the best cardio shape then they ever imagined possible. Allowing them to excel not only through sport but through positive relationships they create,” states Kathy. Knowing what it is like, as a former athlete herself, also helps her relate to the athletes at their most basic level. Kathy suggests for her athletes, “You have to train harder and smarter than anyone else in your sport.”

Injuries are inevitable in any sport, and as a coach, Kathy has taken the concerns, of boxers, and all athletes’, safety to heart. With her medical background as a nurse/safety supervisor and her technical experience as a former boxer, Kathy is able to provide added value to the athletes she trains.

Her passion for heath and active living are showcased through the creation of BOX-ON, a specialized in-school workout program providing Olympic-style exercise that focuses on fitness, rather than physical contact.  To that end, she is a spokesperson for the ESTEEM Team a national Goal-Setting Program that presents to schools across Canada delivering presentations on Goal-Setting to students in Grades 4 and up.