Commonwealth Games Wrap up


Tues October 5, 2010

– 64kg  Yves Ulysse (CAN) vs. Abdur Rahim (BAN)

Winner: Yves Ulysse Pts 6:1 Wed October 6, 2010

– 60kg   Alex Rynn (CAN) vs. Jean Colin (MRI)

Winner: Alex Rynn Pts 7:0

– 69kg   Custio Clayton (CAN) vs. Joseph Mwaisalenge (TAN)

Winner: Custio Clayton Pts 5:3

– 91kg   Samir El Mais (CAN) vs. Kevin Evans (WAL)

Winner: Samir El Mais Pts 11:2 Elimination Round

Thurs October 7, 2010

– 64kg   Yves Ulysse (CAN) vs. Frederick Lawson (GHA)

Winner: Yves Ulysse Pts 5:4 Fri October 8, 2010

– 60kg   Alex Rynn (CAN) vs. Mark O’Hara (NIR)

Winner: Alex Rynn(CAN) Pts 9:5

– 69kg   Custio Clayton (CAN) vs. Aston Brown (SCO)

Winner: Aston Brown (SCO) Pts 4:1

– 91+kg  Didier Bence (CAN) vs. Joseph Parker (NZL)

Winner: Joseph Parker (NZL) Pts 14:7 Quarter Finals

Sat October 9, 2010

– 91kg   Samir El Mais (CAN) vs. Lorenz Suncan (SVG)

Winner: Samir El Mais (CAN) Pts 11:0 Sun October 10, 2010

– 60kg   Alex Rynn (CAN) vs. Lomailto Moala (TON)

Winner: Lomalito Moala (TON) Pts 4:2

– 64kg   Yves Ulysse (CAN) vs. Bradley Saunders (ENG)

Winner: Bradley Saunders (ENG) Pts 11:4

– 91kg   Samir El Mais (CAN) vs. Stephen Simmons (SCO)

Winner: Stephen Simmons (SCO) Pts 7:4

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