Club Programs

What is BOX-ON!?

BOX-ON! is a new standardized youth fitness program dedicated to using boxing training techniques as a means of achieving a healthy, active lifestyle. The program is a non-contact routine that is adaptable to facility limitations and recreational schedules. It is intended for youth ages 8-17 and can be utilized by program administrators in all types of clubs and youth centres.

Administrators, participation in BOX-ON! has many benefits some of which include; building confidence and self esteem, encourage and help youth in the community to lead positive lives. Boxing Ontario invites all phys ed administrators, and youth fitness enthusiasts to incorporate this unique program into their schools and classes all for the LOW COST OF $70 PER CLASS!


Currently, coaches registered with Boxing Ontario are eligible to attend the CHAMPS Program.
To provide clubs with a program that they can use to recruit NEW Boxers into their gyms.

  • to provide a systematic progression of an athlete’s development from the initial stages grade 4 (age 10) to the highest levels of completion available and follow the LTAD( long term athlete development model).
  • to provide a comprehensive development program for clubs to utilize so as to promote the necessary skill progression for athletes to follow regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background, skill or ability.
  • to provide clubs with the necessary benchmarks for athletes and coaches to follow therefore developing a more consistent athlete across the Province.

The program provided coaches with over 90 lessons including 260 photos and 72 videos.


Program Model

Stage Description Group
Stage 1 Boxing Mechanics, Square Position and Pivot Principles  
Stage 2 Boxing Mechanics Square Position Walking and Punching Beginner : Bronze
Stage 3 Mechanics from Boxing Position  
Stage 4 Jabs, Set Ups, Pendulum Steps  
Stage 5 Footwork (Pendulum Plus), Defensive Techniques Intermediate : Silver
Stage 6 Jabs, Set Ups, Pendulum Steps Types of Attacks, Intro to Head Movement, Blocking, Covers
Stage 7 Footwork-Side Steps, Circling, Spinning Off, Feints  
Stage 8 Elite and International Techniques Advanced : Gold
Stage 9 Putting it all together (How to Box Various Styles)  
Stage 10 Final Evaluation  

Club Development Program

The Club Development Program (CDP) was launched with the help of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Through their help Boxing Ontario was able to create a program that will help new clubs, new members, and new club owners with the business side of ownership. This was an area that our organization and members wished to have more help in developing.

The program is available to all members of Boxing Ontario and it provides each tools to help them develop a foundation to build within their community.

This year Boxing Ontario welcomed fourteen new clubs as members to the Boxing Ontario family. Each of these new clubs was provided our CDP Manual to help guide them as they build their club within the community that they live. This manual will continually be looked at and upgraded as new information becomes available. This program is available to all of Boxing Ontario’s member clubs.