Scarberian Boxing Club

Scarberian Boxing Club

Coach Daron Abdullah Laban began teaching boxing because of the persistent requests of a small group of youth in his Scarborough community. As the demand increased and his following grew larger, he decided to create the Scarberian Boxing Club to serve the youth by teaching them everything he knew about boxing and how to be successful in life.

As a former street kid himself, and now a successful entrepreneur he felt compelled to give back and make a positive difference in his community. His brother Marlon and friend Raza Mohammad believed in Daron’s vision and saw his passion and quickly came on board to help move the club forward. Since then they have added a variety of recreational and competitive programs to serve adults, men and women who want to better themselves through boxing.

Unlike many large training facilities where members tend to feel neglected and forgotten, we provide the traditional intimate style setting. This allows members to easily engage with coaches and each other so that everyone receives the attention and assistance they need to learn and excel.

Since 2010 we have had the pleasure of helping our members achieve new levels of strength, skill, fitness, and confidence while producing many gold medal champions along

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