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Fearless Boxing Club

Boxing doesn’t care about money, where you come from, or what you look like! What matters is how hard you work and how much you believe in yourself! Muhammad Ali inspired me to believe no matter where you come from you can do great things! But even he couldn’t do it without the kind people that guided him in the beginning.
I started Fearless Boxing Club because I wanted to be there for those who need it the same way I was guided when I had nowhere to go or even the way Muhammad Ali was when he needed it!

Fearless Boxing Club Has Programs For All Ages And Fitness Levels. Our Fitness Classes Influenced By Some Of The Best In The World Put Together By Head Coach And Professional Boxing Champion Mohammed Abedeen Target Weight Loss, Lean Functional Muscle, Full Body Toning, & Other Physical/Mental Goals For All Levels Of Fitness! We are a safe inclusive home accepting of all where you can be guided towards accomplishing your dreams in boxing and in life!

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