Boxing Action in Turkey!

Female National Team in Turkey


Nine members of the Elite Female National team have traveled Ankara Turkey to participate in the 1st Prime Ministry Cup held from April 6 to 12, 2010. Accompanying the team are coaches Sylvain Gagnon and Rick Cadilha. Also representing Canada is Official Bruce Carrington of British Columbia.


32 countries are represented for a total of 144 female athletes.


The following is tentative schedule of bouts:


Day One         Wednesday April 7, 2010       Afternoon 3pm


57KG  Melissa Guillemette CAN       VS       Iliyana Galabova BUL           


Wednesday April 7, 2010       Evening 7:30pm


48KG  Kim Klavel CAN                    VS       Duta Steluta ROM

54KG  Erin Woodrow CAN              VS       Evgenia Tasidou GRE

Ok…here is the update..


57KG  Melissa Guillemette CAN         defeated        Iliyana Galabova BUL  points 5-

48KG  Kim Klavel CAN                    lost to            Duta Steluta ROM  points 2-8

54KG  Erin Woodrow CAN               lost to       Evgenia Tasidou GRE on points 4-5

despite the outcome, Klavel looked amazing in the final round against a proven world class competitior and Woodrow lost a point near the end of the bout and was unable to get it back. Melissa looked amazing after a cautious start and now moves into the quarter finals against Natasha Biryuk of the Ukraine.


Day Two        Thursday April 8, 2010           Afternoon 2pm


51KG Emek Yilmaz TUR                 VS       Mandy Marie Bujold CAN    

64KG  Jessica McRAE CAN             VS       Danuse Dilhofova CZE

75KG  Mary Spencer CAN                VS       Ingy Saad EGY


Thursday April 8, 2010           Evening 7:30pm


60KG  Stephanie Walker CAN          VS       Mavzuna Chorieva TAJ

69KG  Kandi Wyatt CAN                 VS       Inga Philipova GEO

Update Day Two……

Day Two        Thursday April 8, 2010           Afternoon 2pm


51KG Mandy Bujold CAN lost to  Emek Yilmaz TUR on jury decision 4-1 (5-5)

64KG  Jessica McRAE CAN lost to Danuse Dilhofova CZE on points 1-2

75KG  Mary Spencer CAN defeated Ingy Saad EGY RSC 3

60KG  Stephanie Walker CAN defeated Mavzuna Chorieva TAJ on points 3-2

69KG  Kandi Wyatt CAN defeated Inga Philipova GEO RSC 2



Day Three      Friday April 9, 2010               Quarter Finals Afternoon 2pm


57KG  Melissa Guillemette VS Natasha Biryuk UKR

75KG  Mary Spencer CAN VS Zhang Rongrond CHN

60KG  Stephanie Walker CAN VS  Claire Ghabrial AUS

69KG  Kandi Wyatt CAN VS Katarzyna Furmaniak POL

Update Day Three…..   

Day Three       Friday April 9, 2010               Quarter Finals Afternoon 2pm


57KG  Melissa Guillemette defeated Natasha Biryuk UKR points 3-0

75KG  Mary Spencer CAN defeated Zhang Rongrond CHN points 3-0

60KG  Stephanie Walker CAN lost to Claire Ghabrial AUS points 1-2

69KG  Kandi Wyatt CAN lost to Katarzyna Furmaniak POL 3-6

Day Four        Saturday April 10, 2010         Semi Finals      Afternoon 2pm


57KG  Melissa Guillemette VS Nagehan Gul TUR

75KG  Mary Spencer CAN VS Lidia Fidura POL

Day Five         FINALS          Sunday April 11, 2010 11:00am


81+KG Aimee Willimott CAN          VS       TUR



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