The AIBA Executive Committee unanimously voted to send to the IOC a new proposal in an effort to include women’s boxing in the Olympic Games on the final day of its three-day meeting in the host city of the 2009 AIBA World Championships – Milan, Italy – on Wednesday.

The AIBA Technical and Rules Commission presented a new proposal which will incorporate women’s boxers into the Olympic programme and steam line the men’s weight categories. The AIBA Executive Committee fully supported the proposal and the AIBA Technical and Rules Commission’s recommendation to finalise the weight categories in the coming weeks.

“This is a crucial decision in the development of women’s boxing,” AIBA President Dr. Ching Kuo Wu said after the meeting. “AIBA fully support the idea of including women’s boxing in the Olympic Games and now we must work hard and try to put forward a proposal the IOC can not refuse. “

The IOC is expected to make a decision on whether women’s boxing is included in the 2012 Olympic Games at its Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, which runs from October 3-5. 

In other key decisions by the decision-making body of AIBA, all five Confederation Constitutions, which were voted in at their respective continental general assemblies over the past two months, were unanimously approved, while the AIBA Bylaws were also approved. AIBA had previously sent an original application to the International Olympic Committee at the end of 2008.

Article courtesy of www.aiba.org