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We have a membership for you

Amateur Boxing has seen its popularity explode over the last few years thanks in part to programs such as Tae-Bo and boxercise. A generation of people who are looking for more challenging methods of keeping fit – are finding it in boxing. With sports fanatics getting on board, more and more women competing, the future for amateur boxing in Ontario has never been brighter.

We have a membership for you, no matter what level of a boxer you are. Our memberships are easy, affordable, and beneficial to our athletes. Your Boxing Ontario Membership entitles you to the following:

  • Insurance Coverage. Boxing Ontario carries Liability Insurance on behalf of its registered clubs and members. This policy includes sanctioned events, participant coverage, and spectator coverage. Registered clubs receive details of the coverage and a certificate of insurance upon registration.
  • Opportunity to compete in Boxing Ontario sanctioned events…… this could make you a Provincial, National, or even Olympic Champion!
  • As a club, the right to host Boxing Ontario sanctioned events and participate in special events
  • FREE monthly e-newsletter and reports
  • Club referrals, sanctions, free forms, and assistance where needed
  • Great discounts on boxing equipment, courtesy of Full Contact Sports
  • Access to upcoming promotions and new incentives for members

If you are looking to compete you must register as a Competitive Member of Boxing Ontario and with a registered Club of Boxing Ontario. See our Club Directory for a listing of registered clubs in your area, and see our Competitive Membership for more information.

If you are a fitness-oriented individual who enjoys boxercise or other reated programs, we have the perfect non-sparring membership offer for you! You must also be a member of a registered club of Boxing Ontario for this offer. See our Recreational Membership for more details.

What about the FANS? If you are a supporter of Ontario Amateur Boxing and want to be part of our family, become a Boxing Ontario FANatic Member! For a tiny cost, you’ll share the same privileges as our other members (except insurance coverage) and you’ll help us in growing our membership numbers. See FANatic Membership for further details.