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Attached please find the newest version (Mar 2017) of the Boxing Ontario Policy and Procedure Manual.
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Boxing Ontario’s Constitution

At the 2010 annual general meeting of Boxing Ontario the members adopted a new constitution
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Boxing Ontario’s:

Appeal Policy

Code of Conduct

Dispute Resolution Policy

Discipline and Complaints Policy


Insurance Certificate

Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy

Accessibility Policy 

Financial Policy

Human Resources Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Sanctioning Policy

Emergency Medical Response Policy




Boxing Ontario recognize that there is ample research demonstrating the health hazards caused by the use of tobacco products, including smoking, smokeless tobacco and breathing second-hand smoke. We believe that as a sport and recreational organization we play a vital role in the health and well-being of our community and as such we have a responsibility to the participants of our club to model and promote healthy choices through demonstrating a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Tobacco-free sport and recreation indicates that all those taking part in a sport and recreational activity with Boxing Ontario do not use tobacco industry products. It means participants, spectators, coaches and leaders do not smoke, snuff, dip, or chew tobacco while engaged in the activities of Boxing Ontario.

All of Boxing Ontario’s activities; including games, activities, tournaments, competitions, sponsored events, and other performances sanctioned by our organization, will be tobacco-free.

Boxing Ontario will promote tobacco-free activities using various messages, including logos on Officials gear, and the tobacco-free policy at all our activities by:

  • Havinga presentation by coaches/leaders to explain the policy to players/membersand ask them to explain the policy to their parents and others who maycome to their game/activity/performance.
  • Includingthe policy in the first schedules/notices about the sport or recreationgroup so all new and returning participants, their parents/guardians,coaches/leaders and officials/managers know about the policy from thestart.
  • Makingthe policy visible throughout the year/season using various messages,including logos on t-shirts and encouraging coaches and olderplayers/members to promote active, healthy, tobacco-free lifestyles.


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