The Women’s World Championships have begun in New Delhi, India. This is the 4th women’s boxing world championship event held by AIBA (International Boxing Association) since it’s beginning in 2001. Over 180 athletes from 32 countries are scheduled to compete over the 5-day long championship.

This event is very important to these women as even though they are competing against one another, collectively they have joined forces to use these games as a springboard to get women’s amatuer boxing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and  the 2012 Olympics. A shot to get women’s boxing in the 2008 Olympics was turned down. 

Ontario is off to a good start.  Results as follows:

Saturday November 18, 2006
48kg – Valerie Bedard loss to Myloserdna (Ukraine) 4-19
54kg – Lydia Walczek loss to Suk (Korea) 22-23
66kg – Mary Spencer defeated Lisa Kuronya (USA) 26-8 
70kg Ariane Fortin defeated Natha (Isreal) RSCO2 20-5

Sunday November 19, 2006
57kg Sandra Bizier loss to Nush (India) 14-20
60kg Genevieve Lachance loss to C. Tatiann (Russia) 16-19
86kg Jacynthe Maloney loss to Maria Lkopvacs (Hungary) 7-21

Upcoming Schedule….stay tuned for immediate results.

Monday November 20, 2006
50kg Vicky Pelletier vs Usatchenko (Russia)
52kg Nathalie Forget vs Hassan (Egypt)
63kg Katie Dunn vs Cindy Grain (France)
66kg Mary Spencer vs Diana (Kazakhstan)
70kg Ariane Fortin vs Mol (India)

Tuesday November 21, 2006
75kg Maude Bergeron vs Ukraine