Women’s World Championships Update…

Two of Canada’s best, Ontario champs Katie Dunn and Mary Spencer, both got off to great starts on Day 1 of the Women’s World Championships.  Katie defeated Ancaie Neagu of the United States by RSCO in Round 2.  Mary won her bout over Turkey’s Yeliz Yesil by RSCO in the 1st Round.

Congratulations to both boxers on a great start.  Both will box again on Wednesday.

Check out Mary’s latest volume of The Spencer Scribes, just before leaving for Russia, below:

Friday, Sept. 23

Tomorrow I will be on my way to Moscow for the World Championships.  I am not nervous at this moment.  I know I have prepared. I am in great shape and I feel strong.  In my mind, I know I can win this tournament.  It is important to know that before going into a big fight.  It’s too late to think that way once you are half-way through it.  Tomorrow I will have packed with me on my carry on a discman with some relaxing CD’s, a pad of paper and a pen.  While travelling, I will write down my thoughts.  Why I think I deserve to win…and what I will need to do to win.  Things to remember while I’m in the ring…and things to think about while I am preparing.

I read a book called “The Art of War” written a long time ago by a legendary Chinese General.  He writes about strategies of war and how to win… all the good stuff.  This book is unique because it is so easy to translate it into ” The Art of Boxing”.  In my boxing translated version of this book, Sun Tzi says that victory will belong to the side who has worked the hardest before the fight and made all of their assets strong ahead of time.  Who has trained the hardest?  Not who wants it the most, but who has actually SHOWN that they want it the most by putting the most work into preparing for it.  You don’t become “the best”‘ after the judges’ decision.  You will defeat your opponents through your training.  I know I have worked very hard to get to where I am right now in boxing.  If someone beats me, it will be because they are just better than me.  Not because I wasnt ready or didn’t prepare properly.  Well, it’s 10 now. Tomorrow morning I take off.  I hope I have inspired some boxers out there.  Train hard and if you want to win, you will become that winner in the gym.  Talk to you when I get back!!!