Boxing Ontario chronicles the adventures of Adam Trupish and his teammates as they prepare for Athens and fulfill a lifelong dream – to box in the Olympic Games.

Volume 9: Post Fight Comments (Written by Adam Trupish)

Well sometimes your body just can’t take what your mind wants it to. Yesterday as you probably know my fight was stopped by the doctor from a cut across the bridge of my nose. This happened in the third round in which I was down by about ten points. My opponent was very crafty and dirty and it seemed that I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. Points weren’t falling in my column the way I would have liked. Oh well, live and learn. I just finished a light run with Kooner and later today I’m going with Jean Pascal to the Reebok Center and we’re meeting with Allen Iverson. Then, Benoit is fighting tonight against a four time Olympian, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Still a little bummed out but keeping my head high, thanks for everyone’s e-mails! It’s really good to hear from some old friends and people who I haven’t seen in ages. If you have any questions, comments or just want me to wish Andy Kooner luck on Friday email at [email protected]. But until then talk to you tomorrow.
Adam 08-16-04

Results Update:

Saturday August 14 – 2004
75kg Jean Pascal lost to Despaigne Herrera (Cuba) 24 – 36
81kg Trevor Stewardson WON over Kurtado Flavio (Cap-Vert) 36 – 20

Sunday August 15 – 2004
69kg Adam Trupish lost to Khairou Ruslan (Azerbaijan) RSC-I 3rd

Monday August 16 – 2004
57kg Benoit Gaudet WON over Kamsing Somluck (Thailand) 32-17

Thursday August 19 – 2004
81kg Trevor Stewardson vs. Ahmedismail El-Shamy (Egypt)

Friday August 20 – 2004
54 kg Andrew Kooner vs.  Espnoza Hernandez (Venezuela)
57 kg Benoit Gaudet vs. Jo Seok Kwan (Korea)

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