Boxing Ontario chronicles the adventures of Adam Trupish and his teammates as they prepare for Athens and fulfill a lifelong dream – to box in the Olympic Games.

Volume 4: Count Down (Written by Adam Trupish)

One week and counting! Only one week from today Team Canada will be traveling to the site of the Olympic Games in Athens. I can almost taste it. Andrew will be leaving August 2nd for a mini-training camp in Montreal and I will stay put in Windsor and continue working with my great training team.


Busy, busy, busy! That sums up what it’s been like for the past week. I sure am glad that I’ve purchased an agenda to keep track of my things to do. The finishing touches are being put together for the going away party for Andrew and me to be held in Tecumseh on August 1st. It will be great to see the old town and all of the people who have watched Andrew grow up there.


My training so far has been perfect. I have been turning down the longer runs and adding shorter sprints. I have also added fast feet drills (like hopscotch). Sparring with Americans and local speed demons, Jesse Ennis and Manual Alfero has been keeping me sharp. My weight is great. I must start preparing my packing list soon. I  don’t want to forget anything important. My wife gave me a going away gift, it’s a silver dog tag with her lovely picture and the inscription “I believe in you”. This means an awful lot to me and gives me all the strength in the world.


I would also like to thank the following sponsors. With their generousity and help my dream has come true!


Dr. Glen W Jackson

Ryan O’Conner- find-a-car, Ottawa

Classic Bingo

Remark Farms

Windsor Amateur Boxing Club

Penalty Box Restaurant

The Township of Rodney, ON

The Township of Tecumseh, ON

Trupish family and friends

Dempster family and friends

I’ll write back before we take off on August 8th. Till then, train hard and smart.   

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Adam 08-02-04

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