Boxing Ontario chronicles the adventures of Adam Trupish and his teammates as they prepare for Athens and fulfill a lifelong dream – to box in the Olympic Games.

Volume 11: Kooner going for the Bronze! (Written by Adam Trupish)

Hello there boxing world. Well it has been a pretty tough boxing tournament for Canadians at these Olympics, not only in boxing but for all other sports as well. It is proving to the Canadian government that it is hard to compete with powerhouse countries that have larger funding and support. The good news for Boxing Ontario and Boxing Canada is that Andrew Kooner will be fighting for a bronze medal this coming Monday. He will be in a tough bout but will be ready for any opponent standing in his path. Cheer him on! 

Weather has been extremely hot, today reaching highs of 39 degrees. Wow, Kooner and I went shopping downtown and the heat was killer. The rest of the team and I have really gotten use to the public travelling system via bus, subway, and sometimes taxi as a last resort. When I return home I will have to send some of my wicked pictures I’ve been taking. The website will have to start a gallery just for all of my pictures! So to everyone back home, take care, train smart, and follow your dreams. Till the next edition, e-mail me at [email protected]. Ciao

Adam 08-23-04

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