Richard Lortie, President of Top Ten Canada states: “We were confident our track record and improvements that we’ve done throughout  the years to  the special padding used by Top Ten is what’s separating us from  the pack. Top Ten has also started supplying the US Olympic Boxing team which tells you what direction the US is heading in, in terms of its equipment standards. Top Ten will also be expanding further into the US market with our newly formed Delaware company, Top Ten USA.

In saying all this we welcome the competition and are confident that our equipment will provide amateur athletes with the best possible protection on the market. We pride ourselves in maintaining our goal and our motto ‘Safety Is Our Success”.

Our partnering with associations such as Boxing Ontario and Boxing Canada has helped Top Ten grow and in turn we have helped these associations be known for using the safest boxing equipment there is today. With this new contract, we are looking at some serious growth in business within the next 5 years, however we vow to continue our association with Boxing Ontario and Boxing Canada and welcome others that may need assistance.


Top Ten, one of AIBA’s three licensees, was confirmed on Monday as the official supplier to two of AIBA’s most premier events – the AIBA World Boxing Championships Chicago 2007 and the AIBA Cadet World Boxing Championships, Baku 2007 – and the All African Games in Algeria.

“Today’s announcement is part of AIBA’s open and fair licensee process where all three licensees have the opportunity to be official suppliers for AIBA events and premier boxing competitions around the world,” AIBA President Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu said.  “We want to make sure that the athletes have the opportunity to be able to perform at their best, in the best environment, with the best equipment, and this announcement definitely helps this process.”
Last month AIBA signed Top Ten, Adidas and Everlast as its official licensees where three of boxing’s biggest brands will provide to the public, boxing gloves and headguards with the AIBA Mark.
Adidas has already been selected as the sole supplier for the boxing competition of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, while Everlast is still in the process of sending its products through the AIBA testing laboratory in order for it to be in contention to be a supplier to any of AIBA’s other upcoming major events.
AIBA will continue welcoming more licensees in order to create a healthy competitive environment among the licensees and for the betterment of boxers and sport development.