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Five to Go

Three have made and the final four and one more bout will determine the last semi-finalist for The Contender.  On Sunday’s show Jesse Brinkley manhandled Joey Gilbert to win the skills challenge and earn the right to be matchmaker.  Jesse chose Joey to box Peter Mandredo Jr who was regarded as a better boxer.  It showed in the first two rounds as Peter used crafty combinations and the jab effectively.  Still, Joey showed grit and determination as he battled back.  Gilbert scrapped the playbook and got inside of Peter’s jab, forcing him to box defensively.  Going even into the final round it was anybody’s match, until the two butted heads and Joey received a terrible cut above his right eye.  The bout was stopped and the judges went to the scorecard early.  Peter won on a split decision, leaving Joey to ponder what may have been.

Despite his scheming and seemingly endless string of injuries, Joey Gilbert showed a lot of heart in the ring and earned the respect of his peers.  His passion to compete and will to win made Joey a true contender.