Join Mary Spencer as she chronicles her journey to the Women’s World Championships in Russia, September 25 – October 3.  Volume I of the scribes was written prior to the event being temporarily ceased, and Volume II brings us back on point as Mary learns the tournament is back on and good to go.

Mary has lots to share, so scroll down and enjoy!  You can also catch Mary’s “TOP TEN Questions” in the Members Only section of the website.  If you’d lke to send your best wishes to Mary and her teammate Katie Dunn, please send them our way and we will pass them along!  Without further ado…..

Spencer Scribes Volume 1 (Sept. 2)

I will leave for the World Championships in two weeks from Saturday, the 3rd.  There are a lot of things running through my head right now. Like what will it feel like if I win?  And what will it feel like if I lose?  I know which one I prefer.

This tournament will be like none I have ever attended.  I am not exactly sure what to expect. The
Russian fighter is the defending World Champion in my weight class.  I have never fought her nor saw her fight.  So what do I do mentally to prepare?  Well first I looked her up on the internet and saw that we’ve had similar opponents with similar outcomes.  Actually, almost identical outcomes.  My coach, Charlie Stewart and I sit down and analyze this.  We agree that is good news because with her being the more experienced fighter, I actually have had more room for improvement since those bouts.   Mentally, I think I can beat her.  First, I fight her in my head.  I try to picture what she will look like.  Then, I imagine how I will be feeling at that time.  I do this because I want to be familiar with the situation when it happens.  That way, it will be nothing new.

One of the most important things to remember is not to underestimate anyone.  I haven’t forgotten about the rest of the fighters I will have to face.  As for the ones that I have fought in the past, I replay videos.  And for the others, I try to get information off of the internet to see what I have to look out for.

As for nerves, they are a good thing.  I figure the sooner I get them the better.  I’ve had them for months over this tournament.  And I will have them up until the day I leave.  Then, there is only time to focus and go do what you have to do.

Training has been going great.  I have had wonderful sparring partners.  And I am finally doing a lot of the things that Charlie has been trying to get me to do.  Things seem to be falling into place at the right time.  Charlie has two other coaches assisting in certain areas.  They are Derek DeBono, my strength and conditioning coach, and Kara Ro, who assists with a lot of technical boxing.  The combination is great and allows me to train 2-3 times a day.

For my last two weeks of preparation, I will record everything that goes on
from nutrition, to sleep, and of course training.

Spencer Scribes – Volume 2 (Sept. 13)

A week ago I found out that the world championships had been cancelled.  It was very disappointing news to hear after training so hard and looking forward to the event.  However, I had high hopes that something good would come of it and would work out for the best.  So despite the news, I kept training the way I would have had I been leaving when I was supposed to.  It was very hard to do but I am glad I did it.  Perserverance is a huge thing in boxing as you might know already!  I found out today that the tournament has been reinstated at a later date.  We will leave September 23rd.

My Day:

6am- sparring at the gym
     -technical sparring

9:30 am- sprints at the track

12-1pm- rest

5pm- sparring at the gym
      -bag work,

10pm- bed

I am fortunate to have a lot of free time to train throughout the day.  I was able to take a lot of time off work to prepare for this tournament. 10 days away from the tournament, everything is explosive.  I no longer do long distance running.  It is all speed. My sparring sessions are 3-4 rounds each, busy.  And I make sure to get a nap sometime during the day.  For one thing, I am more prepared to work out hard again in the evening and for another, it ensures that I dont over-eat throughout the day.  That often happens when you are tired.

Nutrition for the day:

5:30am- bowl of “life” cereal, 1g of vitamin C
7:30am- apple
9:30am-crystal light water
10am- apple, yogurt
4pm- ribs
8pm- grapes, crystal light water

Talk to you soon!