Sunday morning from the plane:
This is it.  This is the tournament I have been looking forward to for years.  What am I going to do about it?  Part of me cant wait for this to be over, but only if I win.  I don’t want any regrets.  I will take my time and do everything right.  This is such an important time in my life right now.  How will I handle the pressure?…..I remember the first day I walked into the gym.  That was three years ago.  Now I find myself on a plane flying to Russia to compete in the World Championships, after having won two Canadian titles.  I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

Sept. 27
I had my first fight yesterday against Turkey.  It went well.  I jogged until I started to sweat and then shadow boxed to warm up.  After I gloved up I did a few punches with Charlie and then relaxed until it was time to fight.  Up until the time she entered the ring, I hadn’t seen my opponent.  She was shorter than me, with a bigger build (like most of the people I fight).  I stopped her on points in the first round.  I was glad to finish it so quickly.  There’s no need to prolong fights when you’re in a tournament.  In that fight I noticed I fought better once I got a bit of rage lit inside of me.  That’s how I need to fight.  I know I won’t get tired.

Later that day….
On Thursday I will fight a girl form India.  Last night she beat the Korean, who I thought was pretty good.  The Indian fighter is short and she charges like a bull, coming straight forward and keeping busy.  I know what I need to do, Charlie and I have already gone over it many times.  I have confidence, but I know she is a good fighter.  I will not underestimate.  When I beat her I will be guaranteed a medal.  But I don’t want a bronze.  I don’t even want a silver.  I will leave this place with GOLD hung around my neck.  What a happy day that will be!

Sept. 30- at the venue before the fight
I’m getting ready to fight Ukraine in the semi-finals.  Months ago I ready about her on the internet.  Tonight I fight her.  She’s a south paw.  Charlie wrote out two pages of points for me to think about while fighting her.  I studied them all morning.  I feel confident that I know exactly what I need to do.  If I get ahead on points, I must stay in the centre, jabbing, lead rights, and TONS of fakes.  I know I can do this.  This is just the way I imagined it would be.  Mary Spencer, Canada  vs  Aleksandra Koslav, Ukraine……semi-final bout at the World Championships I know I want this, and so does Charlie.  We deserve this.  We’ve given up so much.  We will do this tonight.

Oct.1- from my room in the hotel
Well, all the work is done.  Tomorrow afternoon I fight Irina Sinizkaya of Russia.  I’ve dreamed of this so much and now I can’t wait for tomorrow.  I’m laying in my bed, thinking of my strategy.  Move to the right, double up my jab.  Catch her overhand rights and give one back.  I can do this.  God be with us, and with Ariane.

Oct. 10- from home in Windsor
It’s good to be home.  The week in Russia was absolutely exhausting.  It took time for me to get back together.  I think my sleep is back to normal now!  I am very excited to be World Champion, but I guess I haven’t really dwelled on the idea yet.  There is still a lot of work to be done, so I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow and getting back on track!!  Everyone who sees me train will know why I won last week.  Good luck with your own training, if you are an athlete!  Keep working hard and know that on the days when you want to slack, pushing yourself will only give you an extra little edge on fight day!