Boxing is a highly competitive, physically and mentally demanding sport. Before entering the ring it requires discipline and a special attention to detail when training. As with other sports, boxing is associated with an inherent risk of injury. The Boxing Injury Management Program (BIMP) has been developed specifically to assist boxers of all skills levels and experience, to reduce their risk of common boxing injuries and to improve their performance in the  sport.

Boxing Injury Management Program


The following are some of the injury prevention organizations and resources located in Ontario and across the Country:

Gatorade Sport Science Institute:

Leisure Information Network:

Ontario Brain Injury Association:

Ontario Kinesiology Association:

Public health agency of Canada:

Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre:

Canadain Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine:

Stop Sport injuries:


Sports Injury Prevention Guide for Kids

Looking for more information on injury prevention; Take a look at the following documents

PLAY SAFE: Physical Literacy and Injury Prevention Guide for Leaders.

Recovery and regeneration for long term athlete development




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