On this weekend, 30 years ago, one of boxing’s most magnificent upsets took place in a country that was looking to set itself on the world stage.  Muhammad Ali employed his “rope-a-dope” tactic on a younger and stronger world heavyweight champion, and masterfully knocked out George Foreman in the 8th Round.

The debate over whether this was Ali’s best bout still lingers in boxing circles.  Angelo Dundee, who was recently spotted at the National Cadet Championships in St. Catharines, states “No doubt in my mind, this was Muhammad Ali’s greatest fight.”  Who could argue with the legendary trainer, or the lobbyists who note the political, racial, and global scope of this great event.  Who else could have predicted the next 30 years – the tag of “greatness” applied to Ali, the return to Heavyweight Champion by Foreman, the emergence of Don King, and so on.  Whether the greatest bout or not, the “Rumble in the Jungle” was surely one of the best.

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