Happy New Year everyone! As this new year begins it is important to remember that all club registrations for 2006 expired December 31. A reminder to please renew your club for 2007. Please note that coaches and athletes cannot renew their individual memberships until their club has renewed first. Club Coaches please get those forms and payments in today!

CABA reqiures book and sticker requests be sent in at least 2-3 weeks in advance. To ensure you get your book or sticker back to you on time please send in the COMPLETE application to Boxing Ontario well in advance of your anticipated bout. An application is NOT complete and therefore will not be sent to Ottawa if it does not include all of the following:

A completed and signed CABA application form, full payment, proof of age (Cadets only), & current medical (no older than 6 months), and if you haven’t already done so in the past 2 years a current PRC (Coaches & Officials only).

Thank you to all clubs who have renewed already for 2007. We look forward to serving you in this new year. A copy of your certificate of insurance will be mailed to you soon. All insurance certificates MUST be posted in a visible area of your club.

Fee Structure for 2007

Cadet A (born in 1995-1996)      $40
Cadet B (born in 1993-1994)      $40
Cadet C (born in 1991-1992)      $40
Junior (born in 1989-1990)        $50
Senior (born in 1988 and earlier) $50

Coaches                                    $50
Officials                                    $50
Recreational Membership            $5
FANatic Membership                  $5

Club                                                             $450
Dual Memberships(Coach & Official)                $75
Tournament Sanction                                     $275
Club Show Sanction                                       $100
International Club Show Sanction                    $250
CABA Rule Book                                            $20
Replacement Passbook, Sticker*, Coach Card*  $10

*denotes new for 2007