1. Reminder, deadline for registrations, payments and weight changes for the Provincial championship is 5:00 pm today. ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED!

2. Please note, if you have athletes participating in Provincials this weekend who are new to Boxing Ontario and have past bouts with another Boxing organization, YOU MUST bring proof of their past bouts to weight INS for Sonny to approve. If you do not bring proof of past bouts, your athletes WILL not be permitted to participate in Provincials.

3. Boxers need  at least 11 bouts to enter the Provincials, unless they have been upgraded. If your boxer is listed on the entries list with 10 bouts or less and have NOT been upgraded they will be removed from the draw.

4. The draw for Provincials will take place TODAY Monday October 26, 2009 at 12pm (Noon).


The draw will NOT be at the Boxing Ontario office.


It WILL be at HUF Boxing Club.1640 Crestview Ave, Mississauga, ON 905.274.4483


Coaches are encouraged to attend. If you are coming please let Deide know by 10am Monday October 26.

5. If you need to pull out your boxer from the tournament do so BEFORE THE DRAW AT 12PM on Monday October 26. If your boxer cannot attend the tournament and the draw has already taken place you may be subject to a $50 fine*.

6. If your boxer receives a walkover he/she will be required to weigh in & medical (If done at a club show) with your respective Regional Official. This must be done by November 30, 2009. If weigh in & medical can not be done at a club show other arrangements can be made.

*Fine is waived if  Medical note is provided.