The Tourneo Italia Women’s World Tournament in Rome began on Wednesday, June 9 with Team Canada winning all 3 of its bouts.  Leading the team was London, Ontario’s Jenn Ogg who is a defending National and World Champion.  Jenn needed less than one round to stop opponent Corina Carstea of Romania in the 60kg division.  The referee stopped the contest in the 1st Round.

June 10, was a big day as 4 Ontario women competed in their first bouts.  Jacqueline Park of Cabbagetown Boxing Club defeated Carmela Chiacchio of Italy in the 46kg division, 29-10 on points. Debbie Richards of Boom Boom’s defeated Soraya Sanchez of Spain in the 57kg division with a RSCO in the 2nd Round.  Rachel Bird of Waterloo Boxing lost a close decision (25-29) to Alanna Audley of Ireland in the 63kg division.  Mary Spencer of Windsor Amateur Boxing Club defeated Csilla Csejtei of Hungary in the 66kg division, with a 27-6 point score.

June 11 featured the Semi-final bouts, with 4 Ontario women headlining the card.  The finals will take place on Saturday, June 12.  Here are the June 11 Semi-final Results:

Agnes Kittoe (McGrory’s) loss to Vanessa Berteaux (FRA) – 50kg (33-46 on points)
Debbie Richards (Boom Boom’s) defeats Marie Smertzoglou (GRE) – 57kg (28-16 on points)
Jenn Ogg (Lambton) defeats Anna Maria Falcone (ITA) – 60kg (RSC Rd 1)
Mary Spencer (Windsor) defeats Luminita Turcin (ROM) 66kg (28-14)

4 Ontario Women in the Finals!

Jacqueline Park (Cabbagetown) vs Camelia Negrea (ROM) 46kg
Debbie Richards (Boom Boom’s) vs Marzia Davide (ITA) 57kg
Jenn Ogg (Lambton) vs Katie Taylor (IRL) 60kg
Mary Spencer (Windsor) vs Anna Ingroth (SWE) 66kg

For up-to-date results on the finals visit and click on the Tourneo logo.  We will post the final results on Monday.

Good luck ladies!