This past weekend many Ontario boxers travelled to Kansas City, MO to participate in its annual Ringside World Championships. Noted to be one of the biggest amateur boxing tournament of the summer, these championships proved to be dominated by Ontario.

Ontario Gold Medal Champions are:

50kg Senior Female – Mandy Bujold (Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy, Kitchener, ON)

51kg Cadet C Male – Jermaine Badchkam (McGrory’s Boxing Club, Hamilton, ON)

48kg Senior Male – Philip Butler (McGrory’s Boxing Club, Hamilton, ON)

64kg Senior Male – Scott Paul (Niagara Falls Boxing Club, Niagara Falls, ON)

69kg Senior Male – Andre Gorges (Border City Boxing Club, Windsor, ON)

Ontario Silver Medal Winners are:

51 kg Senior Male – Ryan Ranelli (McGrory’s Boxing Club, Hamilton, ON)

69kg Cadet C Male- Ben Shamoon (McGrory’s Boxing Club, Hamilton, ON

81kg Senior Male – Glenn Hunter (St. Catharines Boxing Club, St. Catharines, ON)

In addition to these athletes, Ontario had a few Masters division representation. These results are to follow. For more information on amateur boxing in Ontario please visit our website at