National Cadet & National Junior Female Championships & FTS
February 16-18, St. Catharines, ON

St. Catharines Boxing Club is geared up and ready to put on one of Boxing Ontario’s major amateur boxing events. Cadets and Junior Female competitors from all over Ontario and Canada will meet next weekend for the 3-day National Championships.

This event will also feature contests in the 91+ Junior Males category and the Senior Female FTS (Final Team Selection) will also take place. View below for a complete listing of athletes.

Accommodations: Howard Johnson Hotel
                               89 Meadowvale St (Lake St & QEW)  
Venue: QE Place 
             2 Facer St, St. Catharines (Niagara St exit off QEW)

Weigh ins: Fri 8-10am
                  Sat 8-9am
                  Sun 8-9am

Tickets are available to the general public for $50 for the weekend.  Get your tickets now! They are selling fast!!!!!

Competitors List

Cadets Males Province   Females  Province
39 Phylip Alarie Quebec   Sarina Pinzaronne Quebec
41 Richard Kranitz Ontario      
  Frederic Laquerre Quebec      
43 Justin Hocko Ontario      
  Mathieu Trudel Quebec      
46 Sebastien Roy Quebec   Marilyne Lacroix Quebec
  Cody Green N.S.      
48 Jeremie Chartray Quebec      
  HansHassler Manitoba      
  Carl Campbell N.S.      
50 Rodolfo Velasquez Ontario   Veronique Larouche Quebec
  Jason Cormier Quebec      
  Isaah Grigg B.C.      
  Cyrus Taylor N.S.      
  Mitch Cormier N.B.      
52   Chandi Dallaire Quebec
Carl Vaillancourt Quebec   Caitlin Furlong N.B.
  Bobby Harris N.S.   Norma Marshall N.S.
  Davis Zand B.C.      
  Domenic Babineau N.B.      
54 Ali Youseff Ontario   Jayde Hayden Saskatchewan
  Martin Halibus Ontario      
  Jesse Thanos Quebec      
  Rob Cusine Alberta      
  Stefan Melideo B.C.      
  Phil Gray Manitoba      
57 Jesse Wilcox Ontario      
  Kyle Wright Ontario      
  Vincent Thibeault Quebec      
  Charles Icay B.C.      
  Drake Thauberger Saskatchewan      
  Mark Habana Alberta      
  Steve McGillvery N.S.      
  Tyler Donovan N.B.      
60 Henri Lopez Ontario   Laura Lou Fortin Quebec
  Mario Crispo Quebec      
  Daniel Jessome N.S.      
  Robert Couzens B.C.      
  Shane Neibergall Saskatchewan      
63 Joe Griffith Ontario   Annabelle Dube Quebec
  Dany Lesieur Quebec   Kandi Wyatt Alberta
  Eddy Terksakian N.S.   Melissa Susin Manitoba
  Shilo Staffen N.B.      
66 Robert Soare Quebec  
  Paul Mackenzie Alberta      
  Shane Garnier N.B.      
70 Jesse Lozon Ontario   Jessica McRae Ontario
  Clovis Drolet Quebec      
  Mark Prosper N.S.      
  AJ LeRose  B.C.      
75 Andrew Stauffer N.B.      
  Jessy Thompson Quebec      
80 Jonatham Proulx Quebec      
86+ Edvin Ghrahranian Ontario      
  Mathieu Lizotte Quebec      
  Brett Gardiner Manitoba      
  Male Juniors     Female Juniors  
46       Danika Mercier Quebec
48       Audrey Maude Bienvenue Quebec
        Cheyenne Haevens N.B.
50       Jani Babineau N.B.
52       Roxane Leblanc Quebec
        Amanda Sponagle N.S.
        Alysa Boudreau N.B.
54       Rachel Aalders N.S.
        Valerie Larocque Quebec
57       Jessamine Husdale-Loh Ontario
        Vanessa Courville Quebec
        Melissa Landry Ontario
60       Danielle Small N.S.
        Jessica Lemieux Quebec
        Tramaine Miles Saskatchewan
        Brittany Currie Manitoba
63       Marie-Pier Houle Quebec
        Stephanie Walker N.S.
66       Tania St. Pierre Quebec
70       Caroline Guenard Quebec
91+ Johnny Rill Ontario      
  Duke Davis  N.S.      
  Joshua Profeit B.C.      
  Patrick Arsenault Manitoba      
  Senior Males     Senior Females  
48       Jacqui Park Ontario
        Valerie Bedard Quebec
50       Mandy Bujold Ontario
        Veronique Pascoal Quebec
        Michelle Nelson Saskatchewan
51 Ryan Rannelli Ontario      
  Renaud Young Quebec      
52       Jackie Lachapelle Ontario
        Melissa Guillemette Quebec
        Vicky Pelletier Quebec
54       Isabelle Menard Quebec
        Liza Papazian N.B.
60 Pierre Olivier Cote Quebec   Alison Hunter Ontario
  Curtis White N.S.   Elissa-Marie Gauthier Quebec
64 Jonathan Bochner Ontario      
  Sleeman Usmanee Alberta      
66       Erin Krekoski Ontario
        Karine Hardy Quebec
69 Adam Trupish Ontario      
  Luc Hall Alberta      
  Marc Bourassa Quebec      
  Nathan Kulczyski B.C.      
75 Richard Reittie Ontario   Amber Konikow Ontario
  Francy Ntetu Quebec   Nancy Laroche Quebec
  Fred Levesque N.B.      
80       Aimee Willimot Ontario
        Maude Bergeron Quebec
        Tanya Fowler N.B.
91 Justin White Ontario      
  Sebastien Lalumiere Quebec      
  Adam Black N.B.      
91+ Didier Bence Quebec      
  Eric Martel Quebec      
  Rock Bosquet Ontario