The National Junior Championship is ready to begin! Beginning January 26th and running through to January 29th, our Ontario boxers have never been more prepared to come out on top. The championships are being held in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Click here for more information on the National Junior Championships. This year we have 16 Ontario athletes ready to compete against boxers from all over the nation.

Our National Junior Team:

 Females  Males     
 Ali Mullins – Bigtyme  Jermaine Badchkam – McGrory’s
 Mandy Bujold – Waterloo  Anthony Belanger – Champion
 Jackie Lachapelle – TAZ  Tony Luis – Champs
 Melissa Sheilds – Steeltown  Showkat Ali – Cabbagetown
 Vanessa Francis – Tiller’s  Logan Cotton – Bigtyme
   Jerome Gabriel – Motor City
   Justin Bonhomme – Top Glove
   Steve Franjic – Bigtyme
   Marlon Barrington – Liverpool
   Frankie Rill – Motor City
   Padraic Griffin – Bigtyme

Also happening this weekend in Quebec will be the Senior Male FTS. Ontario is sending 11 competitors who will be vying for a spot on what would be the Senior Male National Team.

Representing Ontario are:

 Philip Butler – McGrory’s  Richard Chau – London
 Ryan Rannelli – McGrory’s  Jonathan Bochner – Atlas
 Isho Shiba – McGrory’s  Adam Trupish – Windsor
 Jesse Ennis – Windsor  Andre Gorges – Border City
 Ibrahim Kamal – Cabbagetown  Richard Reittie – Sully’s
   Glenn Hunter – St. Catharines

Ontario wishes these fine competitors the very best of luck and tremendous effort this weekend!