How and When You Will Be Matched Against a Competitor

Depending on your level of fitness and how quickly the training progresses you may find yourself ready to box in 4-6 months. It is a decision that will be reached by your coach, yourself (and your parents if under legal age). Boxing Ontario and its coaches and officials go to great lengths to provide a safe environment for its competitors, matching opponents by age, weight and skill:


There are 4 classes of competitors:
Initiation (8-10 yrs)
Junior (11-16yrs.)
Youth (17-18yrs.)
Elite (19+yrs.).

Junior is further divided into 3 categories:
Junior A (11 – 12yrs.)
Junior B (13 – 14yrs.)
Junior C (15 – 16yrs.)

Category (Experience) Novice or Open:

Boxers with 0-10 bouts are classified as Novice Boxers, and they only box other Novice boxers. In some cases a tournament may be divided into Novice and Sub-Novice categories so that boxers with 0-5 bouts (Sub Novice) box one another and boxers with 6-10 bouts box one another.

A boxer joins the open category when he/she has more than ten bouts.


Weight Divisions for Amateur Boxers

Junior A B C (11-16yrs) Male & Female

Weight Division Over kg Under kg Over lbs. Under lbs.
Pin 43 46 94.6 101.2
Light Fly 46 48 101.2 105.6
Fly 48 50 105.6 110.0
Light Bantam 50 52 110.0 114.4
Bantam 52 54 114.4 118.8
Feather 54 57 118.8 125.4
Light 57 60 125.4 132.0
Light Welter 60 63 132.0 138.6
Welter 63 66 138.6 145.2
Light Middle 66 70 145.2 154.0
Middle 70 75 154.0 165.0
Light Heavy 75 80 165.0 176.0
Heavy 80+kg 176.0+

Youth Male (17-18yrs) & Elite Male (19+yrs)

Weight Division Over kg Under kg Over lbs. Under lbs.
Light-Fly 46 49 101.2 107.8
Fly 49 52 107.8 114.4
Bantam 52 56 114.4 123.2
Light 56 60 123.2 132.0
Light – Welter 60 64 132.0 140.8
Welter 64 69 140.8 151.8
Middle 69 75 151.8 165.0
Light-Heavy 75 81 165.0 178.2
Heavy 81 91 178.2 200.2
Super-Heavy 91+ 200.2+

Youth Female (17-18yrs) & Elite Female (19+yrs)

Weight Division Over kg Under kg Over lbs. Under lbs.
Light-Fly 45 48 99.0 105.6
Fly 48 51 105.6 112.2
Bantam 51 54 112.2 118.8
Feather 54 57 118.8 125.4
Light 57 60 125.4 132.0
Light Welter 60 64 132.0 140.8
Welter 64 69 140.8 151.8
Middle 69 75 151.8 165.0
Light-Heavy 75 81 165.0 178.2
Heavy 81+ 178.2+

For complete rules on Amateur Boxing in Canada contact the Boxing Ontario to purchase a rule book $20.00

In summary, you and a competitor would be matched by age, experience and weight. If you are 16 years old and weigh 145 lbs and just started you would not face a boxer who was 20, weighed 200 lbs and had 50 bouts.

Your first actual recorded bout would occur at either a local club show or a Novice Development Tournament. There are approximately 4-6 club shows a month across the Province, and several developmental tournaments from September to May. Your coach would coordinate the details of finding an appropriate opponent and a nearby venue.

After several bouts and more training and experience you may enter provincial and inter-provincial competitions. If successful you would move on to National Championships. If you win at this level you would become a member of the National Team and would be eligible to represent Canada Internationally and perhaps one day at the Olympics.

Registration Procedure for competitors:

When submitting an Initial registration for competitors please include:

  1. A Boxing Canada Registration Form
  2. A current medical form (no older than 6 months), with IS FIT circled by the physician
  3. Proof of age
  4. A recent passport size photo
  5. The appropriate registration fee paid by either Cheque, Money Order or Credit Card. Please Make cheques payable to Boxing Ontario. Please send club cheques (not personal cheques). Do not send cash.
  6. Registrations are not processed unless they are paid in full and all required information is submitted.

When submitting a Renewal registration please include:

  1. Boxing Canada Registration Form
  2. Medical Form
  3. Registration Fee

Competing with Previous Pro Experience

Anyone wishing to be re-instated as an amateur after having previous pro-experience must apply to Boxing Ontario with the following documentation and follow the steps outlined below. Please note you can not apply if you have had more than 3 professional bouts of any type (Pro, Tough-Man, K1 etc.):

  1. The applicant must submit:
    a. Record book as an Amateur Boxer
    b. Record book as a Professional Boxer
    c. Medical certification as fit to box
    d. Neurological examination by a certified neurologist, or doctor familiar with boxing
    e. Letter by the Athlete stating your reason why you should be reinstated/registered by Boxing Canada.
  2. The application must first go to the Executive Committee of Boxing Ontario for approval. The Provincial registrar must send Boxing Canada all the information above plus a letter from Boxing Ontario stating why you should be reinstated.
  3. Boxing Canada will then forward all the above information to their Technical Committee for their recommendation.
  4. The Boxing Canada’s Executive Committee will then review the Technical Committee’s recommendation and approve or reject the application for reinstatement/registration.
  5. The Executive Committee must present their approval or rejection to Boxing Canada’s Board of Directors for ratification.

Please note:

This is a very detailed and lengthy procedure that may take time before the Athlete receives a reply. The Board of Directors (of Boxing Canada) may impose some restriction for any reinstatement.

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