Article and photo by: Dameon Okposio

It’s April 2020 and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are feeling the crunch and so is the boxing community but boxing coach and gym owner Ajaz Khan from King of the Ring Boxing Club wants to reassure his members that King of the Ring will be there when things return to normal. Ajaz Khan started King of the Ring Boxing Club around 2006 and the club has always called Brampton, Ontario home.

Like many gyms, King of the Ring Boxing Club has been providing a positive alternative for kids in the community. While Khan holds his students attention, he has used that energy to create numerous competitors and champions. In February 2020, King of the Ring sent 21 competitive boxers (boys and girls) to the Brampton Cup tournament. They returned to the club with the most gold medals in the tournament.

Ajaz was preparing 21 athletes from his club to enter the 2020 Golden Gloves tournament that would have taken place this month. In the aftermath of the closure of non-essential businesses which includes his gym, he faces the grim reality of mounting bills like so many others. Ajaz is proud of his club and how they have stayed together, regularly communicating on their group chat sharing thoughts and exercise routines.

Ajaz is hopeful for the future and looks forward to continuing to develop the talant in his gym. He regularly mentions new and veteran students whom he believes are continually improving. He believed that Harkirat Somal, Gurvir Sran, Karan Sembhi, Garinder Takhar, Rupinder Randhawa, Pardeep Randhawa, Satwinder Thind and Kuwardeep Manu would have all medalled in the Golden Gloves tournament this month, had things stayed on course.

Ajaz Khan wants his students and everyone to stay safe. Hopeful that things will get back to normal soon, Ajaz monitors the situation day to day and wants to reassure his members that King of the Ring will open its doors as soon as it is permitted.