Attention all Club Owners and Coaches

Re: Kickboxers joining as new members

More and more we are getting Kick Boxers joining our clubs.While we encourage everyone to join our clubs and be active in boxing there are a few important things that you should know when someone from this sport wants to join.

·Kickboxers should not be considered ‘new’ boxers
·Kickboxers should list the number of bouts that they have had
·Kickboxers should mark ‘yes’ on the registration form where it is listed previous involvement and list the number of bouts
·VERY IMPORTANT – Once a Kickboxer decides to join Boxing Ontario if they ever decide to return to compete as a kick boxer they may never revert to amateur boxing again
·Therefore it is understood that an athlete cannot participate in both sports

Please refer to CABA Rule Book:
Article 1 – The Amateur Definition As Related To Boxing, Page 6

1.2 b) An amateur boxer shall not participate in any form of kickboxing or contact. karate and after having participated, cannot revert to amateur boxing.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.

Thank you,

Boxing Ontario