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Silver Gloves

Final Preparations

69kg Open Class Males

We have 18 boxers registered for this weight class.  We will have 3 pools of 6 boxers in each pool.  Boxers will be placed in the pools based on experience.  The criteria for deciding who enters which pool will be number of bouts.  The 3 boxers with the most experience will be placed in Pool 1, Pool 2 and Pool 3.  This pattern will be replicated until all boxers have been placed in the 3 pools. 

Boxers who win gold and silver from this division will be invited to compete at our tournament in September; dates and times to be announced shortly.  These 6 boxers will compete for ranking order for when CABA selects who they invite to nationals.  Registration fees for the September tournament will be waived for these 6 boxers. 

In the event that 2 or more boxers withdraw from the Silver Gloves, we will move to 2 pools, with a similar method as described above, and re-draw.

 New Scoring System

Boxing Ontario will be using the new scoring system at the Silver Gloves. We are doing everything we can to ensure everyone understands the new system.  For this weekend we will be using 3 judges scoring the bouts on a 10 point must system.  The winner of the round will receive 10 points and the other boxer will receive 9, 8, 7 or 6 based on the following criteria.  Sonny Wong (Chief Official for Boxing Canada) will be providing training sessions for coaches and officials.  Stay tuned for times and location.   

Scoring Criteria

The judges will apply the following criteria to score the round.

·              10-9 – Close Round

·              10-8 – Clear Winner with Dominance

·              10-7 – Total Dominance

·              10-6 – Overmatched

Scores will be based on the following criteria:

·              Number of quality blows on target area

·              Domination of the bout

·              Competitiveness

·              Technique and tactics superiority

·              Infringement of the rules       


·              Three (3) Coaches are allowed for corners (coach, cutman, assistant coach)

·              Only 2 may mount the ring apron

·              Only 1 may enter the ring

·              Allowed to give instructions during round



·              Boxer retires

·              Coach throws the towel into the ring

·              Doctor / Referee /Supervisor

·              Outclassed

·              Low Blow

·              Boxer out of ring for more than 30 seconds


·              Unfit to continue before the count of 10

·              The Referee suspends the count and summons the doctor

·              Double KO


·              Injury by correct punches in any round

·              Unfit to continue -injury (not necessarily by punch)

No Contest

·              Material problems during round 1 or round 2

·              Both boxers over the weight limit


·              3 warnings

·              Flagrant foul

·              Low blow

·              Gumshield out

Count Limits

·              Elite Men (Max 3 in 1 round and no limit during  1 bout)

·              Elite Women, Youth & Juniors (3 in 1 round and 4 in 1 bout)


·              Only against referee

·              No protest against the judges

·              The Supervisor will decide to accept or not to accept the protest

 Protect yourself at all times,


Rob Bender

Vice President – Competition

Boxing Ontario