For members working out or sparring at non-member clubs

The insurance policy for Boxing Ontario is in place to provide liability coverage to members at Boxing Ontario sanctioned activities.  Thus members will not be covered while boxing at unsanctioned activities such as participating (training or competing, etc) at clubs that are not members of Boxing Ontario.  If a non-member club wishes to have their activities insured by Boxing Ontario’s insurance program they would need to become registered members (club & all individuals).  Any club requiring clarification should contact the Executive Director of Boxing Ontario.


Boxing Ontario only permits one club per address registered.  If a club has different locations they must be registered separately.  Locations not registered with Boxing Ontario will not be covered by insurance.



For Sanctioned events or Club Shows


The club that applies for and receives permission to host a sanctioned event or club show is entirely responsible for all activities related to that event.  The insurance coverage would apply to the host club and therefore that club would be responsible.  It should also be noted that if there were to be any situations that may result in disciplinary action, the host club would also be held accountable.  Registered members participating at the show are completely covered; the purpose of this notice is to ensure that host clubs understand their responsibilities.



If you have any questions or concerns related to these matters, please contact:


Doug Hannum,

Executive Director


[email protected]