On July 18, a team of Canadian boxers flew to Germany for the 2006 Brandenburg Cup. This is one of, if not, the biggest amateur boxing tournament in Germany. Bouts are at 10am, 3pm and 7pm (Germany Time). There are 89 bouts scheduled to take place over the course of the tournament.

Competing for Canada are:

Mikael Zewlski (Quebec)
Frankie Rill (Ontario)
Logan Cotton (Ontario)
Andrew Gardiner

With 12 boxers in his weight class, Mikael fought Gabo Gorbics (Hungary) in his first bout of the tournament but it resulted in a defeat for Mikael with a decison of 21-35.

Frankie’s second bout against Vassilij Chernikov of KAZ. Frankie entered this bout with sure confidence. Frankie opened the first round strong. However, he got shaken early by KAZ. This blow threw Frankie off to which he could not recover. Final decison for Frankie resulted in a RSCOS in the 3rd round (1:21)…this late decision proved that Frankie was determined to win.  Ultimately, Frankie returns to Canada with a bronze medal.

Andrew Gardiner competed against Konstantin Birjukin of Russia in is first bout. This contest ended in a win for RUS with a decision of RSCOS 3 RD (25:5). He had 10 boxers in his weight class of 75kg.

Logan Cotton competed against Germany’s Robert Ziebe in his first bout. Sadly Logan fell to GER in the second round with a decision of RSCOS (23:3). Great effort Logan! Logan had 9 boxers in his weight class.

Boxing Ontario bids a sincere congratulations on each athelete’s effort!