The Francophone games have begun in Bayreuth, Lebanon. In total 11 athletes will be representing Canada in hopes to come away with podium hardware. The athletes:

Jonathan Quinit

Francois Pratte – Quebec

Joey Laviolette – Nova Scotia

David Gauthier

Alex Rynn

Jonathan Bochner – Ontario

Nathan Kulczycki

Schiller Hyppolite

Steve Franjic – Ontario

Justin Bonhomme – Ontario

                                                                       Didier Bence – Quebec

Schedule as follows:

September 29, 2009

48kg Jonathan Quinit (CAN)  win over R. Bouchtouk (MAR) 10:3
54 kg Joseph Laviolette (CAN) win over Y. Hrant (ARM) 12:4
60kg Alex Rynn (CAN) win over A. Tahan (LIB) 6
81kg Steve Franjic(CAN) loss to D. Perez (CQC) 4:2

September 30, 2009

60kg Alex Rynn (CAN) win over A.Bassole (BUR) 7
69kg Nathan Kylczcki (CAN) loss to G Tamazian (ARM) 18:5

October 1, 2009

54 kg J. Laviolette (CAN) vs. R. Andreiana (ROU)
57kg D. Gauthier (CAN) vs. TBD
75kg Schiller Hyppolite (CAN) vs Z. Sayed (EGY)

October 2, 2009

51 kg Francois Pratte (CAN) vs. V. Nguyen (VIE)

October 3, 2009

48kg Jonathan Quinit (CAN) vs. J. Beccu (FRA)
91kg Justin Bonhomme (CAN) vs. M. Arjaoui (MAR)

October 4, 2009

91+kg Didier Bence (CAN) vs. K. Sissoko (MLI)