Are you interested in Hosting an NCCP Clinic?

Boxing Ontario wants to host NCCP clinics in your area. All you have to do is provide the facility (boxing club), Boxing Ontario will do the rest. The more clinics that are available during the coming season, the greater the opportunity for coaches to become certified. An NCCP clinic can be hosted by any group which has established a need for the course. NCCP clinics can be put together for independent groups with a month’s notice.

  1. To host a clinic, a group must have a facility (boxing club).
  2. Contact Boxing Ontario for a Hosting Application. a) Select two date options b) Confirm a site c) Establish a contact person.
  3. Once the application has been approved and a date has been confirmed, Boxing Ontario will assign a Facilitator to your clinic.
  4. As soon as the clinic has been approved, Boxing Ontario will post the clinic information on the Web Site.
  5. All registrants must contact Boxing Ontario and register prior to attending the course Boxing Ontario is responsible for shipping all course materials to the site, or the contact person, as identified by the host.
  6. The length and cost of the NCCP clinics vary depending on the level of the clinic.
  7. In order to run a clinic, a minimum of 10 participants must be registered by the set clinic date.

Coach Bursaries

The Quest for Gold Enhanced Coaching Program offered through the Coaches Association of Ontario recognizes coaches have out-of-pocket expenses for many things. Coaches who wish to continue their training and education, or increase their knowledge and certification will benefit from this bursary program.

The Quest for Gold Coach Bursary Program provides an education bursary for coaches to complete NCCP courses.

You may receive:

  • 60% of your course registration fee
  • Total bursary will not exceed $300 per course

To apply for the coach bursary program and for more information, please visit

For the NCI and the L3/4/5 Enhanced Coaching Program go the appropriate section under the Coach Bursary tab on the left menu.

View the calendar for up coming Coaching Clinics.

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